The Current Situation:

During this contentious time where socialism is being pushed everywhere in our society, a careful and thoughtful review of our founding documents are as important as ever.  Our founders changed the arc of history for the succeeding 250 years by stating that our rights come from God, and that man is an imperfect instrument and needs checks and balances when it comes to governing over others.  The democrat party (and even some Republicans) seem to want to ignore our constitution (as evidenced by the recent election in which laws by State Legislatures were systematically ignored and trampled on. First  and Fourth amendment protections are already being attacked by the Biden regime and the Second Amendment is not far behind. We cannot protect the Constitution unless we understand it.  We can't gain courage and hope from the Declaration of Independence without frequently reading its stirring, inspiring words!

Recent News:

04/12/22 We the People - are the new, permanent underclass of America!

04/11/22 Democrat’s lawless game - the end of our Republic?

02/18/22 Trudeau Tyranny- Video of lady with Walter trampled by RCMP riders today - she has died in the hospital!

02/18/22 Coming to America? Remember this image! Remember what Trudeau did to Canada!

02/08/22 Founding Fathers - Quotes on revolution, fighting for independence

02/09/22 34th Iowa county declares itself as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary”

02/07/22 Democrats using Gun Registry as a precursor to a Gun Ban!

01/27/22 Eliminate the filibuster and America will quickly fall into tyranny!

01/18/22 Mandates are about political control, not health!

01/12/22 Criminal Democrats want to nationalize elections and ignore constitution!

01/01/22 Has America and the West succumbed to mass psychosis- at the expense of their freedoms and liberties?

12/27/21 A failed nation is marked when truth is discarded and replaced with untruth

12/17/21 ATF ruling on AR-15 pistols puts millions of gun owners in legal jeopardy!

11/22/21 Are you ready to be an American Kulak?

11/05/21 Americans reject anti-firearms rhetoric!

11/05/21 Against tyranny, patriots are the most terrifying force!

11/01/21 Will Supreme Court blow up the Administrative state?

10/02/21 Cato letter - The right of the people to judge government

09/27/21 Red Flag law - status - IFC

09/21/21 Physicians create organization to fight medical tyranny

09/09/21 Biden regime gun grabber David Chipman out for BATF!

09/06/21 WTH! The US Constitution now comes with a trigger warning! See the harmful language alert!

09/04/21 Liberals fear the thousands of Trump supporters taking over local GOP positions

09/01/21 Biden regime plans to sign on to Global Gun Registration treaty

08/31/21 Back off Biden! No more talk of gun control until you get back the firearms you gave to the Taliban!

08/30/21 America’s Dunkirk - Real leadership 245 years ago saved a nation

08/30/21 How Dems are using economic chokeholds to suppress your Second Amendment gun rights

08/27/21 Learning Locke - An introduction to Cato’s letters

08/26/21 Beware the CoVid variant called tyranny!

08/23/21 The FDA “approving” a dangerous vaccine does not give governments and corporations the “right” to mandate it! We still have informed consent in this country!

08/23/21 A lot of what the left supports is Satanic!

08/20/21 What if it is proven that Biden and the Democrats didn’t win the 2020 election, but they refuse to relinquish power?

08/18/21 US DOJ attempts to invalidate recently passed Missouri gun rights law!

08/17/21 US. Supreme Court limits police powers to enter a home without a warrant

08/15/21 When “For The People” really means “For the Politicians” - Dems attempt to subvert Constitution in the middle of the night!

08/09/21 Demonic Antifa (Biden and the left’s brown shirts) hurling stun grenades, fireworks, rotten eggs into crowd of Christian women, children, and babies in Portland

08/07/21 Ted Nugent - Tyrants can kiss my ass!

08/06/21 “Restore Liberty” group started out West - Grows as Americans realize constitution grants limited authority to the Federal government

08/04/21 AP, Reuters, and Twitter create cabal to stifle free speech

08/02/21 Destiny of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

07/30/21 A Post Federalist America?

07/30/21 George Washington speaks to the necessity of the Second Amendment

07/29/21 Saving the Hyde Amendment

07/28/21 What vaccines say about the precarious state of our freedoms

07/23/21 Leftist propaganda! The second amendment was created to protect slavery!

07/21/21 Supreme Court takes on First Amendment case - teacher terminated because of prayer

07/18/21 Goodbye America! Thanks to the Biden regime we are losing our constitution!

07/17/21 Biden DHS official - Americans who try to preserve their heritage “make me sick”

07/16/21 Welcome to the brave new America!

07/16/21 Facebook board member says “free speech” not an “ absolute” human right

07/08/21 America - Land of the human soul

07/06/21 Townhall OpEd - Sacrificing for Freedom

07/04/21 Founders meant to keep government out of the Church, not God out of government

07/03/21 The sacrifice of our Founders

06/22/21 Trump lawyer says nothing in constitution prevents Trump’s reinstatement


In Depth Study:

     1) National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studied

     2) Hillsdale Colleges's Free Course on the Constitution

     3) Rutherford Institute - Constitutional Corner

     4) Get a Free Pocket Constitution and Declaration of Independence