The Current Situation:

For the past several months, those concerned about election integrity have been minimized, ridiculed, and labeled insurrectionists by mainstream media, big tech, and the democratic party.  We hear nothing but crickets from a significant segment of the Republican leadership in Washington DC.  This, in spite of 500 million dollars provided by Mark Zuckerberg to taint election rules in large urban areas.  This, in spite of seeing the stoppage of vote counting on the night of November 3rd.  Add to this, the deliberate, systematic removal of election monitors, and the thousands of affidavits of likely fraudulent activity observed by election personnel (many with decades of experience).  Arizona is close to publishing results of their forensic audit.  At the same time, the DOJ has threatened criminal proceedings against those working on the Arizona audit!  Georgia is close to a detailed audit in Fulton County and Pennsylvania is giving an audit serious consideration.  If systematic fraud is proven, our country will be faced with a constitutional crisis beyond imagination.  Facing a stolen election, an illegitimate government and President presiding with polices that are heretical to the American experience, patriots across the country need to steel themselves for this eventuality and pray that the nation successfully restores legitimate government.

Recent News:

05/08/22 Movie 2000 Mules Proves the case for Massive Fraud!

02/12/22 Now 6 GOP county committees in Wisconsin are calling for the resignation of Speaker Vos!

02/07/22 Wisconsin’s Sheboygan County Republicans call for vote of No confidence of GOP Speaker Vos - demand his resignation!

01/28/22 PA court strikes down mail in ballots in major election integrity victory!

01/23/22 Wisconsin Speaker Vos secretly pushes bill in Senate to increase voting drop boxes that Wisconsin judge ruled were illegal

01/06/22 J6 hysteria is how Democrats deflect from their successful efforts to steal our election!

01/05/22 Dominion panicking in PA because courts likely to find that their voting machines were insecure!

01/05/22 GA ballot stuffer and now whistleblower acknowledges he made $45,000 from the operation

01/04/22 Left launches mid-term election efforts by disqualifying Republicans as insurrectionists

12/10/21 Senator Perdue sues Stacy Abrams and her corrupt election services organization!

11/18/21 Wisconsin State Representative files resolution to decertify fraudulent Biden win

11/10/21 Massive election corruption found in GA counties - missing ballot images everywhere!

11/04/21 NJ Dem Senate President won’t concede to winning NJ Rep truck driver - says he magically found 12,000 more votes!

11/03/21 Dems stealing New Jersey’s governor’s election! When will this stop?

10/08/21 Former Wisconsin judge assigned to audit 2020 elections asks why Dems and their lawyers continue to block investigations

10/04/21 92 state Legislators across the country demand a 50 state audit of the Nov 2020 election

09/27/22 AZ audit could not find 86,000 voters in other government systems!

09/25/21 Az audit team caught election audit officials in the act the day before audit began

09/23/21 Texas Secretary of State announces full forensic audits in four counties

09/21/21 Mike Lindell announces election fraud case will be taken to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving

09/21/21 Evidence that Colorado Sec. of State and Dominion voting deliberately destroyed election records!

09/12/21 Special Counsel in Wisconsin orders State Election Commission to preserve all records related to the Nov 2020 election

09/08/21 AZ Sec of State candidate Mark Finchem reacts to canvas “lost” and “ghost” votes - Arizona must decertify Nov 2020 election

09/07/21 Corrupt Dem AZ Sec. of State Katy Hobbs tries to put extensive “cheats” in AZ election manual

09/04/21 More states expected to perform full forensic audits

09/03/21 Millions of mail-in/absentee ballots in key swing states “unaccounted for”

09/03/22 Majorie Taylor Greene - Momentum for forensic audits in GA growing

09/02/21 Professor David Clements hints that Maricopa County results will be far worse that what we presently imagine!

09/02/21 PA Senate Leader Jake Corman called for hearings next week - to lead to subpoenas supporting election audits

08/31/21 California recall election has already been stolen!

08/30/21 43,000 absentee ballots dropped off in DeKalb County GA violated chain-of-custody rules!

08/26/21 National Association of Secretaries of State meet in Des Moines - Both Dems and GOP decide that forensic audits not needed!

08/25/21 Thirty one Wisconsin counties’ GOP Committees (and House Speaker Vos) now demanding a forensic audit of the 2020 election!

08/20/21 Former US Attorney General Bill Barr told Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer to stop investigating reports of a shipment of ballots from New York to PA

08/20/21 PA Senate President Jake Corman is lying! Call Corman and tell him we want an “honest” audit. Reinstate Sen. Mastriano!

08/19/21 Jovan Pulitzer uncovers secrets of ballot identification - will definitely catch fraudulent ballots!

08/19/21 PA GOP Senate Leader Jake Corman is holding up the PA forensic audit subpoenas - Why?

08/17/21 Four more Wisconsin GOP county committees added - now 13 counties want a forensic audit!

08/16/21 5 more GOP County committees are now demanding a full forensic audit in Wisconsin

08/15/21 AZ Audit preliminary report to be delivered week of August 22th

08/13/21 Leftists in government agencies fought against investigating Georgia election fraud!

08/13/21 Mike Lindell reveals details of the attack on him while at the Cyber Symposium

08/13/21 Sen. Ted Cruz saved America at 3:30 am last night

08/12/21 Whistleblower comes forward with proof that Detroit, MI election computers were online!

08/11/21 Damning video from Cyber Symposium explains how, why, and who stole the election

08/11/21 Cyber Symposium reveals Dominion is destroying Election evidence that might implicate them in election fraud

08/10/21 Colorado elections whistleblower speaks at Symposium after having her office raided by corrupt CO Sec. of State

08/10/21 Texas Supre, rule that AWOL Texas Democrats can be arrested upon returningme Court overrules activist judge

08/08/21 Georgia ballots rejected by machines - were later altered by election workers to count

08/08/21 Maricopa County’s dubious claims that the had two valid, extensive audits prior to the Senate forensic audit

08/08/21 Wisconsin election fraud details - the evidence

08/07/21 Sheriff David Clarke leads thousands at Wisconsin election audit rally

08/06/21 Four years ago Biden-linked groups were concerned that voting machines could be hacked, believed in robust audits - now they don’t! Why the change?

08/06/21 Cyber team confirms ability to remotely hack voting systems

08/06/21 PA continues to work towards subpoenas of key counties

08/05/21 Soros picked CO Secretary of State holds meeting to steal future elections, confronted by thousands of patriots demanding forensic audits

08/04/21 Wisconsin election officials quietly remove 200,000 people from the voter rolls - after the Nov 2020 election

08/03/21 Dominion whistleblower steps forward - implies machines can be remotely access by Dominion during elections!

08/03/21 Biden DOJ threatens states with large fines and up to one year in prison, if they attempt to do AZ style forensic audits!

08/03/21 George Soros bought Colorado Secretary of State changing election rules to remove free elections!

08/02/21 Dominion, Maricopa County refuse to comply with latest AZ subpoena requests

08/02/21 MI County Clerk (Dem) obstructs investigation into Dominion voting machines - “Over my dead body”

08/01/21 Jennifer Morrell of shady “Elections Group”collaborated with swing state election officials, Dominion. Were they part of the big steal?

08/01/21 Dominion Subpoena expires tomorrow - refuses to turn over information to the AZ senate

07/31/21 PA Sen. Mastriano says his committee will issue subpoenas to three counties who refuse to participate in forensic audits of the 2020 election

07/31/21 Massive rally planned for the state Capitol in Madison, WI on Fri, Aug 6th to demand a real forensic audit

07/31/21 Gen. Flynn - 10 indisputable facts on the 2020 election that support the need for audits

07/30/21 AZ Senate liaison Ken Bennett retains full access to AZ audit as report is being written

07/30/21 WI Assembly Speaker expands Nov 2020 election investigation

07/30/21 AZ audit’s third paper recount complete - ballots being sent back to Maricopa County

07/29/21 Javan Pulitzer announces he has full funding for a full forensic kinematic audit of all Michigan ballots

07/29/21 Mike Lindell cancels millions in ad spend with Fox News because they refuse to run his election cyber symposium ad

07/28/21 Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers has close ties to China

07/28/21 “Sharpiegate” likely happened across the country!

07/28/21 Biden DOJ attempts further intimidation of states trying to get to the bottom on Nov 3rd Dem election fraud

07/26/21 FL Rep. Sabatini calls for forensic audits in the five largest counties in Florida

07/26/21 WI plans for a full forensic audit of the Nov 2020 election

07/26/21 AZ recount finishes tomorrow - will likely provide support for judicial intervention to compel Maricopa County to provide all requested data

07/26/21 AZ - A closer look at election numbers and likely Dem fraud

07/25/21 AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers - Decertify, recall electors, indict Maricopa County supervisors

07/24/21 TX AG Paxton endorses forensic audits in 13 counties

07/24/21 Trump encourages possible forensic audit options in Texas

07/22/21 Motion filed in court requesting immediate inspection of Fulton county ballots

07/22/21 Corrupt Election Assistance Commission (EAC) sued for secretly changing rules to allow voting machines to have internet access - and with ties to Pelosi

07/22/21 AZ audit recount like to finish next week

07/21/21 Likely sharpies provided by Dem election workers to AZ Trump voters allowed Dems to “steal” the votes!

07/21/21 PA Dem election officials decertify county’s election system after it agreed to do a forensic audit! Dem intimidation!

07/21/21 Five MI counties likely will break the law (and a cease and desist order) to clear their election machines of Nov 2020 voting data

07/19/21 AZ Dem Sec. of State pushed for “virtual registration” and other illegal practices in last election

07/19/21 Texas State Rep. Roth calls for a full forensic audit in 13 most populous counties in Texas!

07/19/21 Legal scholar John Eastman says state legislatures have the power to replace electors in the event of fraudulent elections

07/19/21 Latest data analysis- Trump likely won Pennsylvania by 6% - 8%

07/19/21 In Douglas County GA, There are many voting batch’s where Biden got EVERY vote!

07/18/21 AZ “Sharpiegate” confirmed to be true! Likely used to spoil Maricopa County Trump ballots on Election Day!

07/18/21 Vernon Jones, candidate for GA governor calls for an “independent” forensic audit, not one done by the GBI

07/18/21 AZ Attorney General requests evidence of voting fraud from Sec. of State Katie Hobbs

07/18/21 Stacy Abrams - The damage she has done to free and fair elections

07/17/21 Who’s side is GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel on? Where is the money donated for election integrity?

07/17/21 Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman calls for forensic audits in all GA counties

07/17/21 Twitter adds bogus fact check claiming “no widespread election fraud in AZ” after AZ senate finds massive vote fraud

07/16/21 Election integrity fires burning in GA

07/16/21 As the enormity of Dem election crimes are exposed, how will America fix this?There is only one acceptable solution!

07/16/21 Audit shows unregistered voters far exceed Biden victory margin

07/16/21 Major court hearing in GA on Monday could flip the Senate

07/15/21 WI state representative Ramthun now calling for a full forensic audit in Wisconsin

07/15/21 Outrageous! USA Today, AP Tell Americans that there is no evidence of wide scale fraud in Maricopa County

07/15/21 GA Sen. Burt Jones now calling for an investigation into Sec. of State Raffensperger’s failure to uphold voting laws

07/15/21 President Trump’s statement regarding AZ Senate hearing - no victory here for Biden

07/15/21 Sen. Ted Cruz’s impassioned plea to vote down Dem’s authoritarian proposal to steal our voting rights

07/15/21 AZ Sen. Borrelli - If Maricopa County continues to defy us, more drastic measures may be needed

07/15/21 GA Sec of State calls for Fulton County Elections Board to clean house - due to all the fraud

07/15/21 YouTube removes AZ audit hearing from its platform - this is what tyranny looks like in America!

07/15/21 AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers calls for decertification of Arizona election - recall of electors

07/15/21 AZ audit finds 74,000 mail ballots received and counted with no record of being sent out!

07/14/21 MI attorney claims she has conclusive proof of election fraud and vote switching

07/14/21 House Dems on Congressional Oversight Committee attempt to intimidate AZ auditors with massive records request!

07/14/21 Government election agency (EAC) quietly drops requirement that voting machines not be connected to the internet

07/14/21 MI Sec. of State asks vendor to remove election machine batteries - to delete evidence? To hide fraud?

07/13/21 GA election riddled with fraud - shocking new details!

07/13/21 GA Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger ignored evidence, attacked President Trump, and certified a fraudulent election

07/13/21 OAN’s Natalie Harp - “Elections have consequences but so do crimes” - Hammers McConnell and Dems

07/13/21 AZ Senate President Karen Fann - AZ audit vote totals don’t match Maricopa election vote totals

07/13/21 Biden panic on full display - forced to go to Philly to defend his illegitimacy!

07/13/21 Trump attorney Jenna Ellis proves RNC’s McDaniels lied about Riemer, and Election challenge “support”

07/13/21 Texas Gov. Abbott - will arrest Dems who left state to avoid votes on voter reform

07/13/21 VoterGA shocking report - State conducted recount of Fulton County contained extensive errors, counted thousands of illegal Biden votes

07/12/21 Texas Dems flee state, risk arrest to prevent passage of election laws designed to prevent election fraud

07/12/21 PA State Sen. Mastriano responds to PA Dems trying to prevent forensic audit - tells them to go pound sand

07/12/21 AG Barr forbade investigations into 2020 election - per Pennsylvania US Attorney

07/12/21 Ignoring illegal voting prove Dems don’t care about election integrity

07/11/21 Did the RNC abandon President Trump soon after the election?

07/11/21 Why are AZ Republicans doing a second recount?

07/11/21 Definite signs of panic - Acting PA Sec. of State issues illegal orders to stop forensic audits

07/10/21 Book claims RNC chief legal counsel challenged Trump election claims in mid-November

07/10/21 AZ Senate has decided to count Maricopa County ballots they audited for a third time

07/10/21 President Trump to attend “Protect our Elections” rally in Phoenix on July 24th

07/10/21 AZ State Senator in-depth interview on election integrity - “We don’t like cheating”

07/10/21 Update on 10,300 illegal votes found in Georgia

07/10/21 PA Sen. Mastriano responds to Sec. Of State’s unlawful directive for counties to ignore request for election records

07/10/21 PA Sec. of State issues illegal directive to counties to hide Pennsylvania Nov 3rd election fraud

07/09/21 GA Secretary of State attempting to intimidate election officials who filed depositions on election fraud

07/09/21 Another MI lawmaker calls for a full forensic audit of Nov 2020 Election in Michigan

07/09/21 Matt Deperno - verified evidence that MI AZ GA voter registration systems were hacked on election night

07/09/21 White House announces Biden trip to PA - tied to PA Senate plans to do full forensic audit of several counties

07/09/21 Supreme Court throws out Dems attempt to override AZ voting laws

07/09/21 DOJ fears push to reinstate President Trump in August

07/09/21 New evidence indicates enough illegal votes cast in GA to tip 2020 results

07/08/21 MI AG threatens to arrest citizens who said election was stolen!

07/07/21 PA Senator Mastriano initiates forensic audit process for three counties - includes the city of Philadelphia!

07/06/21 Ballot Integrity Project aims to provide Arizona full transparency in future elections

07/05/21 Did the Dems steal AZ? Apparent 20k+ discrepancy between Maricopa County certified results and total ballots counted in audit!

07/04/22 Mike Lindell says August Election Fraud symposium will change history

07/03/21 PA. Senate considering election similar to AZ

07/02/21 168k Ballots missing chain of custody in Cobb County GA

07/01/21  AZ Auditor hints to significant fraud

07/01/21  AZ State Senate to subpoena router and passwords to complete audit

06/25/22  Georgia judge orders Fulton County to move forward with ballot audit


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