Current Situation:

A nation without secure borders and sound immigration policies will experience an endless chain of problems affecting all aspects of society. It was becomes subject to cascading tragedy originating in other countries, forcing down the standard of limiting of its citizens, experiencing waves of crime that were avoidable, while expending far greater resources for education, health, and government services. President Trump attempted to turn around decades of mismanagement and political agenda related to immigration and border security with America First policies, including eliminating “catch and release”, stronger border enforcement, MS-13 gang member expulsions, and building a portion of wall between the US and Mexico. The Biden regime has chosen to reverse these polices and encourage a massive influx of immigrants that is straining the US social safety net to the breaking point. Americans are the most generous people on earth, but they have a right to not have their country overrun by illegal immigration and the problems associated with it.

Recent News:

05/01/22 DHS plans to systematically import 1/2 million illegal aliens into the US per month!

01/31/22 Biden regime rescinds deportation of illegal who killed 19 year old girl under program to reduce removals!

01/27/22 Biden’s crimes against America! The secret flights!

01/27/22 Details of Biden’s betrayal of America! - The secret flights!

01/20/22 DHS Chief - “Justice and Equity” for illegal aliens is Joe Biden’s agenda

01/11/22 Illegitimate Biden regime opening flood gates for Central American illegal immigrants!

12/28/21 Biden’s first year - Illegal immigration outstrips grow of large American cities!

12/27/21 US government chartered “ghost flights” into PA on Christmas night to secretly bring in illegal immigrants!

12/26/21 Illegitimate Biden regime allowed 600,000 illegal immigrants to enter the US this past year- and with zero Covid testing!

11/29/21 Biden DHS Secretary - US as a “sanctuary country” minimizes deportation of illegals!

10/12/21 Biden releasing enormous numbers of illegals into the country

10/08/21 Biden regime’s DHS dismiss all border wall contracts in two overwhelmed border sectors, allowing illegal aliens to pour in!

09/25/21 Border Patrol blasts Biden for ignorantly suggesting agents are “strapping” Haitians

09/22/21 Biden lies! Only deporting a small number of Haitian migrants - Biden releasing most all of them into the US!

09/18/21 Texas law enforcement storms border - stems new illegal traffic from crossing the Rio Grand river at Del Rio

09/17/21 See the out of control situation at the bridge near Del Rio, TX

09/17/21 Sen. Cruz: Border is a man-made disaster created by Biden regime

09/16/21 US Border patrol to shut down all sector checkpoints as migrant bridge detention camp swells to 10K

09/12/21 Large sections of the Trump border wall have been removed! Drug smuggling in these areas has increased dramatically

09/02/21 Texas Senate passes $1.8 billion bill for border wall

08/31/21 Thousands of people arrive to the US from Afghanistan - with no paperwork whatsoever!

08/31/21 Supreme Court slaps Biden regime - rules in favor of President Trump’s “stay in Mexico policy”

08/24/21 Supreme Court rules Biden must reinstate President Trump’s Stay in Mexico Policy

08/15/21 Texas begins construction of border wall with Mexico

08/14/21 Homeland Security ignoring congressional requests asking where immigrants are being sent in the US

08/13/21 Panama and Columbia to grant safe passage to 650 migrants daily to travel to US Border with no Biden objection

08/13/21 Total nightmare - Fed up Border patrol describe horrifying conditions in migrant facilities

08/13/21 Customs and Border Patrol report 200,000 encounters with illegal immigrants in July, the highest monthly total in 21 uears

08/12/21 DHS dropped 40,000 migrants with CoVid-19 into US cities - ex border chief

08/11/21 Biden DHS refuses to disclose where they are sending illegals immigrants into our country

08/10/21 GOP Rep. Andy Biggs calls for impeachment of border czar Mayorkas

08/09/21 18 GOP Senators voted for an infrastructure bill with zero dollars for the border - Here is the list!

08/09/21 Dem budget resolution creates pathway to citizenship for 10 million illegal immigrants

08/08/21 More than 1 million enter US illegally during corrupt Biden regime’s first few months

08/06/21 House Republican to file impeachment articles against DHS head Mayorkas for his failure to protect southern border

08/06/21 Illegitimate Biden regime erasing all traces of US having a “southern border”

08/05/21 Zuckerberg lobbyists push Biden to kill CoVid border restrictions

08/04/21 McAllen declares state of disaster as Biden regime releases 1,500 illegals with CoVid into city last week

08/04/21 Ex-ICE official “We pretty much screwed as a country’ due to Biden regime border policies

08/01/21 Biden looks to provide free lawyers to immigrants that crossed the border illegally

07/30/21 TX Gov. Abbott orders National Guard to arrest illegal immigrants

07/30/21 Sen. Ernst: ‘No’ amnesty for those who ‘knowingly broke our laws’

07/29/22  Sen. Grassley - ‘You can’t be a secure, sovereign nation if you have an open border’

07/29/21 HHS whistleblowers claimed they were told to hide CoVid situation among child migrants

07/29/21 Delta, American, and United Airlines providing free air travel to African migrants to America using taxpayer money

07/28/21 Just 13% of illegals ordered to show up at ICE offices actually show up

07/27/21 50,000 illegals recently released into the US without a court date, no mandatory vaccinations, no contact tracing!

07/26/21 Kris Kobach’s lawsuit strikes at the heart of the Biden regime’s open borders policy

07/25/22 Border Patrol apprehends 20,000 illegals in one week at the Del Rio crossing

07/24/21 Biden spends tons of money - to not build the border wall!

07/21/21 Forty border patrol agents test positive for CoVid as cases among illegals at the border explode!

07/21/21 Biden DHS to restrict travel of Americans across Mexican/Canadian borders but leaves borders wide open to illegals invasion

07/16/21 In Friday night ruling, Federal Judge declares DACA illegal and unconstitutional

07/16/21 Almost 190,000 illegals cross border in June - highest in 21 years

07/15/21 Migrants released with instructions to report to ICE in 60 days are not showing up

07/14/21 Whistleblower tells Tucker Carlson - Biden regime using military to secretly transport illegal aliens around the country

07/12/21 Republican senators Tillis, Cornyn ask Dems for help passing DACA

07/12/21 Chief of Border Patrol refuses to use Biden language that waters down phrase illegal alien

07/11/21 Biden regime no longer deporting pregnant women detained for being in the country illegally - released into the US?

07/10/21 Biden regime shifts $1 billion in CoVid-19 funds to house migrant children at the border

07/10/21 Texas Gov. Abbott condemns Biden regime for abandonment of the border

07/06/21 Coronavirus infections surging in immigration detention facilities

07/05/21 Opening America’s borders is not compassionate, it is inhumane

07/01/21 Minority Leader McCarthy picks amnesty advocate for 2022 immigration messaging

06/29/21 Harvard Poll - Harris fails on immigration, Americans want return to President Trump border policies

06/27/21 Oregon Dems vote to give Medicaid to Illegal immigrants


In Depth Study:

    1) NumbersUSA

    2) Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)