Current Situation:

The big tech oligarchs (Google, Facebook, Twitter) have used their growing power and influence to become our censors and to promote a wide range of socialist narratives.  They ban twitter messages, cancel accounts, hide news, and set themselves up as the doorkeepers of what is acceptable social comment and discourse.  Secret recordings (from Veritas) have proven that they do not have the American citizen's best interests at heart.  They sold themselves to China, illegally participated in election censorship in support of Biden, and hide behind Section 230 laws that would hold them accountable.  They need to be broken up or shut down. Attempts by states (i.e. Florida) to hold them accountable have been undermined by progressive, activist judges. Freedom means the free expression of ideas, whether you like the ideas or not, whether they offend you or not, and regardless of promoting someone's personal agenda.

Recent News:

04/29/22 Pro-censorship countries (including the US) unite in “disinformation” declaration

04/15/22 Criminal Biden Regime’s SEC and DOJ attempt intimidation of Elon Musk because he wants Twitter cleared of censorship!

03/16/22 Social Media - The intimidation and enforcement arm of the American left!

02/17/22 YouTube CEO pushes government for laws to ban “unacceptable” speech!

02/09/22 Censor Track website identifies 800 cases of Big Tech censoring Covid 19 debate!

02/02/22 Bankrupt mainstream media fails to cover US $30 trillion national debt - leading to National Bankruptcy!

01/31/22 The Left’s assault on conservative news network OAN (One American News)

01/22/22 Paypal terminates service for non profits fighting vaccine mandates

01/18/22 Biden’s renominated choice for FCC Commissioner wants to remove conservative networks from the air!

01/16/22 Google and Facebook made secret deal to “throttle” digital ads from their competitors!

01/14/22 DirecTV cancels OAN after Biden regime demands more censorship of those that don’t support his views!

01/14/22 Minnesota Bank and Trust moves to cancel Mike Lindell’s bank accounts!

01/02/22 T-Mobile is censoring your texts! They are removing links to The Gateway Pundit!

01/02/22 Outrageous! Corrupt Twitter censors permanently suspend Twitter account of US Majorie Taylor Greene for “violations”

11/27/21 Corrupt media and left angry with Rittenhouse decision!

11/22/21 Feds and Waukesha officials downplay horrific, murderous attack by BLM terrorist - to protect their narrative!

11/17/21 Every news organization that peddled the Trump-Russia collusion hoax should be shuttered for deceiving America!

11/16/21 Project Veritas exposes CBS San Antonio whistleblower - goal no longer objective news but rather to push agenda of diversity and inclusion

11/13/21 Media wants to make “rules” to treat Republicans as not normal

11/11/21 Biden FCC nominee is a leftist who will censor free speech!

11/05/21 FBI and New York Times acknowledge Ashley Biden diary is legitimate! Very unsavory comments associated to Joe Biden

10/19/21 Joe Rohan accuses Google of hiding information on CoVid vaccine injuries and deaths!

09/21/21 Big Tech censors Republicans in Congress 50 times more than Democrats!

09/13/21 Father of son who died from vaccine-induced heart inflammation (and talked about) suspended from Facebook!

09/12/21 Elite, powerful Facebook users could break the rules, conservatives were banned!

09/10/21 New Texas law prevents social media companies from banning people because of their politico views

09/07/21 Google admits to keeping Aussies in the dark - censoring their news!

09/06/21 Federal government using social-media giants to censor Americans

09/03/21 GoDaddy deplatforms Texas right to life website that was to be used as a reporting mechanism on illegal abortions

09/03/21 Facebook bans users who share link to Infowars host Owen Shoyer’s legal defense fund!

08/29/21 Big Tech, woke finance unleash their power against Flynn, Gateway Pundit, Berenson in cancel culture purge.

08/19/21 Twitter needs to be seized, shut down! Suspends accounts of Afghan government officials, leaves Taliban accounts up!

08/18/21 Speech Police! Biden regime Surgeon General says Americans have no spread “misinformation”

08/18/21 Google whistleblower reveals that tech giant changed algorithms to prioritize the most damaging mainstream stories to hurt President Trump

08/16/21 Twitter suspends Jenna Ellis for criticizing Biden’s decision to bring Afghan refugees to the US

08/16/21 Google whistleblower says Google news altered its algorithm to hurt President Trump during presidential campaign

08/14/21 Are you a potential terrorist threat? DHS is keeping an eye on you!

08/14/21 Are you a “Disinformation Spreader”? The government is looking for you!

08/11/21 Dr. Shiva exposes Big Tech and censorship Nazis at Lindell Cyber Symposium!

08/10/21 YouTube suspends Sen. Rand Paul for supposed “CoVid misinformation”

08/10/21 Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Green - For saying FDA should not approve CoVid vaccines!

08/08/21 Shameful censorship by Fox News - filters out comments from President Trump’s interview regarding election!

08/06/21 President Trump’s lawsuit against big tech needs to go to the Supreme Court

08/03/21 Politico’s hit piece on GETTR was covertly paid for by Big Tech giants

08/03/21 Paper calls for Fauci criticism to be designated as a “hate crime”

08/03/21 Dr. Shiva discovers secret Twitter/government collaboration tools to suppress conservative speech!

08/01/21 YouTube political operatives suspend popular conservative, Australian Sky News channel from platform

07/31/22 The battle of the censors

07/30/21 Twitter locks account of conservative Dave Ruben for telling the truth - vaccines are not working as hoped, booster shots are on the horizon

07/28/21 Big Tech building a database to track gun owners

07/26/21 PayPal working with Anti-defamation league to share information with law enforcement, determine who can use their services (ie ban Patriots)

07/20/21 Biden regime is using foreign dark money group to identify “misinformation“, support censorship.

07/20/21 According to MSNBC, loving America and its national symbols is “hate speech”!

07/20/21 Biden regime is targeting conservative news outlets with the hope of shutting them down

07/20/21 One day you will wake up and find that your favorite web site has vanished

07/16/21 Press Secretary Jen Psaki now key witness in President’s lawsuit against Big Tech censorship!

07/15/21 U.S. Surgeon General asks big tech to censor voices that speak counter to the regime’s dangerous CoVid-19 vaccination policy

07/15/21 White House confirms Facebook is working as a government censorship tool

07/13/21 New level of censorship - Twitter disables likes on “misleading” tweets

07/12/21 How Google and Wikipedia brainwash you

07/12/21 Tucker Carlson - Your private text conversations will be controlled by the Dems

07/12/21 Twitter launches censorship attack on the new GETTR social platform

07/11/21 Trump says lawsuit is to protect American’s free speech - YouTube responds by no blocking Trump’s CPAC speech from their platform!

07/10/21 Republicans in house introduce plan to allow public to sue big tech over censorship

07/08/21 36 states (including Iowa) sue Google over antitrust violations

07/07/21 Rise of the Censors - Law Schools are the latest battleground

07/07/21 President Trump announces class action suites against high tech elites Google, Twitter, Facebook

07/05/21 Top secret meeting between media/tech/IC elite this week in Idaho

07/01/21 Facebook - Someone you know is becoming an extremist

07/01/21 High Tech found to be working with state governments to censor conservatives


In Depth Study:

    1) Media Research Center - Report on Big Tech Censorship

    2) EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center

    3) Justice Thomas - Ending Censorship

    4) Sarah Carter - Ending Big Tech Censorship