The Current Situation:

Evidence is growing that Anthony Fauchi and other goverment groups contributed to the development of the CCP Covid-19 virus, including dangerous "Gain of Function" experiments making the virus more deadly.  Some in the GOP are calling for Fauci's resignation and for him (and others such as Peter Dasak) to be held accountable for their actions.  Meanwhile, evidence piles up as to the dangers of the mRNA vaccines (blood clots, miscarriages, heart ailments).  The mainstream media continues to censor this news as they remain the mouthpiece of the progressive, globalist agenda.  Parents are acutely aware that when their children go back to school in mid-August, their may be attempts by schools and government to force questionable vaccine shots unto the children.  Will parents resist these efforts to innoculate thir children with a vaccine that appears risky and of little actual value?

Recent News:

04/10/22 FOIA request unearths Pfizer’s plan to hire 1800 staff to deal with their Covid vaccine’s adverse effects!

03/22/22 CDC tells the New York Times it hid Covid data for political reasons!

03/22/22 Dr. David Martin’s lawsuit against Biden - the Covid injection is a bio weapon

03/20/22 New Hampshire to become first state to sell Ivermectin over the counter without a prescription

03/04/22 Covid bombshells you may have missed!

02/22/22 FDA demands CDC to release its data on booster effectiveness - CDC refuses as it will show vaccine is ineffective!

02/20/22 CDC withheld critical Covid information from the public as they were afraid it would create “vaccine hesitancy”

02/18/22 Major Medical Journal - Covid vaccine more dangerous than Covid-19 itself

02/16/22 COVID’s worst victim - America’s trust

02/16/22 FDA Exec secret video - Illegitimate Biden plans to force a vaccine on you every year - is this not tyranny?

02/15/22 Father charges that Pfizer drugs and Wisconsin hospital killed his daughter!

02/15/22 Project Veritas - FDA Exec on hidden camera says Biden wants to inoculate all Americans - whether they want it or not!

02/14/22 Explosive audio - whistleblower releases recordings of Doctors refusing life-saving Covid treatments to patients in hospitals!

02/14/22 Pandemic endgame - Dr. Zelenko lays out the plan to enslave humanity!

02/10/22 Embalmer reveals that 93% of recent deaths were caused by Covid vaccine clotting!

02/10/22 Dr. Robert Malone’s open letter to the Canadian truckers!

02/09/22 List of 2,000 studies that showed adverse reactions to Covid vaccines

02/09/22 Here is a TRUE list of Covid disinformation spreaders (starting with Biden, Fauci, etc.)

02/02/22 Former VP of Pfizer asks media for apologies for their role in pushing the deadly Covid vaccines!

02/02/22 British Children up to 52 times more likely to die if given a Covid shot!

02/02/22 How US Public Policy and the Biden regime is killing countless thousands of American via the Covid nightmare

01/27/22 Canadian hockey legend Theo Fleur applauds all the courageous Canadians marching on their Capitol- demanding their freedoms back!

01/23/22 Hospitals are receiving incentive payments for covid!

01/23/22 US Marines only grant two Covid vaccine religious exemption requests - out of 3,200!

01/22/22 Major study - Ivermectin dramatically reduces Covid death and severe disease!

01/21/22 Texas judge blocks Biden’s federal workforce mandates

01/21/22 Study - Immune suppression and increased cancer resulting from SARS Covid mRNA vaccines!

01/20/22 FLCCC Doctor gives compelling testimony to New Hampshire state committee on the incredible benefits of Ivermectin!

01/19/22 Citing Myocarditis data, 30 experts call on UK regulators to consider not giving Covid mRNA vaccines to 12-15 year olds

01/19/22 The dangerous, unintended consequences of the Covid mRNA vaccine!

01/18/22 The Elite’s Covid narrative is falling part!

01/16/22 Criminal! What the medical community, government leaders and bureaucrats are hiding regarding the vaccine, masks!

01/16/22 Editorial of largest Utah newspaper proposes total lockdown of unvaccinated!

01/15/22 Those who would take your freedoms away - poll - democrat party voters want harsh measures for the unvaccinated!

01/15/22 Repeated Covid booster shots could weaken human immune system says European regulators!

01/14/22 New poll shows that only 10% of the American public trusts the media on Covid - only 30% of Americans trust Fauci!

01/14/22 Doctored create “Declaration of Independece” from Biden’s vaccine mandate after Supreme Courts’s OSHA decision!

01/14/22 Reuters “Fact Check” shields Pfizer CEO - fails to disclose that Reuters Chairman is on Pfizer Board of Directors!

01/12/22 Frightening! WHO joins EU - changes directions - warns against taking continuing booster shots!

01/12/22 Half a million Americans died needlessly - Fauci and DC bureaucrats hid findings of of the benefits of Hydroxychloroquin and Ivermectin from the American people

01/08/22 Bill in Washington State would authorize “strike force” to move unvaccinated into internment camps!

01/07/22 McDonalds in Israel will deny you service if you are not vaccinated!

01/05/22 New study raises doubts about reliability of rapid Covid tests in the early days after infection

01/05/22 The risk of Myocarditis doubles with each Covid vaccine shot you take!

01/02/22 Robert F Kennedy - “No one has ever complied their way out of totalitarianism - This is the hill we need to die on”!

01/02/22 Scientists shed new life on what makes Omicron spread

01/02/22 The Pfizer Covid vaccine - an analysis of their clinical trial - A crime against humanity!

01/01/22 Covid is proving to be a very useful disease for the bad guys!

12/31/21 Canadian health experts express concern about risks from repeated Covid vaccine boosters

12/28/21 Rand Paul pins blame of thousands of Covid deaths on Fauci!

12/27/21 Minnesota Department of Health puts white people at the back of the list for life-saving Covid treatment!

12/26/21 We now know why the vaccine makers want to give their Covid jabs to kids!

12/25/21 Government linked ‘Mitre Corp’ rolls out ‘Vaccine Credential Initiative’ with CCP affiliated partners

12/25/21 Will the Covid boosters increase the incidence of VAIDES - Vaccine acquired Immune deficiency enhancement syndrome?

12/20/21 The most detailed evidence yet of the devastating impact the Covid vaccine has on the human body!

12/18/21 New York considering law to remove unvaccinated from society!

12/11/21 Vaccines pose 7 times greater chance of death for young people than Covid according to Japanese researchers!

12/10/21 In study, nearly all cases of Myocarditis in young people were within a month of vaccination!

12/10/21 Vaccine-induced myocarditis in young people is “way more serious” than myocarditis resulting from Covid-19

12/09/21 VAERS data suggests 140,000 Americans have died from Covid-18 vaccine

12/08/21 AHA Journal - clear evidence that mRNA vaccines do damage to the cardiovascular system

12/07/21 Fury at De Blasio in NYC as he tries to implement vaccine mandate on all private companies!

12/01/21 80 House Republicans vote for bill to spy on Americans and their medical vaccine health records!

12/01/21 Study: Masks do harm children's development

11/30/21 Federal judge rejects DOD claim that Pfizer EUA vaccine and FDA approved Corminity vaccine are one in the same - Biden’s bait and switch coercion on Americans finally shown to be illegal!

11/29/21 Tyrant technology in the form of digital vaccine passports coming to Dem-run states soon!

11/26/21 This is Armageddon. This is the final battle!

11/26/21 New England Journal of Medicine acknowledges heart-related dangers of the vaccine!

11/26/21 NU variant hysteria originated from the place pushed lockdowns and previous Covid scares!

11/23/21 Covid mRNA vaccines creating massive rise in stillbirths!

11/21/21 ALDIs to terminate all unvaccinated employees in 2022!

11/17/21 Newsflash! OSHA suspends vaccine mandate! Will follow 5th Circuit ruling

11/16/21 6th Circuit Court of Appeals wins lottery to hear consolidated OSHA mandatory vaccine scheme!

11/13/21 CDC hid natural immunity findings for months - to force the vaccine on everybody!

11/04/21 Biden regime issues nationwide vaccine mandate - to begin Jan 4th - specific language (490 pages)

11/04/21 CDC says immune-compromised should get fourth shot!

11/03/21 Nurses in Texas illegally vaccinate young children - one suffers an immediate reaction!

10/21/21 CDC Covid data is farmed out to third party organization funded by Bill Gates!

10/21/21 Covid vaccines may prevent you from acquiring full immunity - even if become infected and recover!

10/20/21 White House plans to quickly vaccinate 28 million school children for CoVid upon FDA approval!

10/18/21 Major law firm confirms Biden regime performed an illegal “bait and switch” on the American people with their so called “approved” CoVid vaccine!

10/17/21 America’s descent into medical fascism

10/16/21 The great national showdown on vaccine mandates looms - don’t flinch!

10/14/21 Chicago’s police union boss tells workers to defy city CoVid mandate!

10/12/21 Southwest pilots file lawsuit to stop vaccine mandates

10/02/21 Whistleblower accuses Pfizer of illegally testing their vaccines on orphan babies in Poland!

10/02/21 Unvaxxed parents prevented from seeing their newborn babies in New York!

10/02/21 Newsom’s tyrannical attack on California children!

09/30/21 The coordinated attack against Ivermectin is a crime against humanity!

09/30/21 Is US military grounding all vaxxed pilots?

09/30/21 Outrageous! Former Obama Cabinet Secretary “Unvaccinated are like second-hand smoke”

09/28/21 Nearly 50K Medicare patients died soon after receiving the CoVid vaccines

09/27/21 Pfizer announces final stage study on a product very similar to Ivermectin!

09/27/21 Groundbreaking research proves Vitamin D supplements dramatically reduces CoVid mortality!

09/27/21 Project Veritas exposes J&J - children don’t need the vaccine - it’s about money and power!

09/25/21 FDA virtual meeting - “Pfizer mislead us - two die from the vaccine for every life saved”

9/21/21 Could taking the CoVid mRNA vaccines increase your risk for cancer?

09/19/21 Fauci funded 60 projects with the Wuhan lab and all were in coordination with the Chinese military

09/17/21 Florida Governor seeking alternative supplies of monoclonal antibodies after Biden maliciously restricts supplies to Red states!

09/16/21 FL Governor vows to fight Biden decision to restrict FLorida’s supply of monoclonal antibodies

09/14/21 More evidence of Biden’s criminal intent - limiting certain states antibody supplies if they have Republican Governors

09/14/21 A huge state in India (240 million) is CoVid free - thanks to Ivermectin!

09/12/21 The left and anti-Trumpers have blood on their hands - Why Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquin could have saved countless lives - but for Trump derangement syndrome

09/12/21 Kentucky Health Care workers refused to comply with vaccine mandate - hospital fired them!

09/10/21 Biden punishing Alabama by denying monoclonal antibody treatments

09/10/21 To Biden, Americans are now second class - no reason given why illegal aliens are not required to be vaccinated!

09/10/21 Members of Congress and their aides are exempt from Biden’s vaccine mandates

09/09/21 CoVid Scam - 8 kids out of 73 million died from CoVid last year - This is about control, not public health!

09/09/21 Biden’s desperate CoVid overreach

09/09/21 Biden declares war on 80 million unvaccinated Americans!

09/09/21 Biden to announce that all federal employees must get vaccinated - no option for testing!

09/07/21 Two military staff sergeants file class action lawsuit against vaccine mandates

09/07/21 The highly effective CoVid treatment Joe Biden won’t tell you about

09/06/21 Why is the Biden regime disrupting the supply of monoclonal antibodies?

09/06/21 Coming to America? Will we resist this? Australian premier declares “unvaccinated” to lose their freedoms!

09/04/21 India approved world’s first DNA based CoVid vaccine

09/04/21 Ivermectin overdose stories - most likely fake!

09/04/21 Top health experts push back against Biden vaccine booster plan

09/03/21 Courageous stance by an Oregon State Trooper! Puts the Constitution first over his leftist governor!

09/02/21 Harvard epidemiologist says case for CoVid vaccines have just been demolished

09/01/21 Pfizer developing twice a day CoVid pill that would be mandated along with their vaccine!

08/30/21 Rand Paul - Scientists refuse to test the effect of Ivermectin on CoVid due to their hatred of President Trump

08/26/21 The FDA did not grant approval to the Pfizer shots

08/25/21 Oxford study - Vaccinated people are the “super spreaders” of CoVid - 250 times the viral load as the unvaccinated!

08/25/21 Worse than the disease? Some unintended consequences of the CoVid-19 vaccine

08/24/21 What mainstream media did not tell you about the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine

08/24/21 LA Fire Chief pushing back against vaccine mandates!

08/23/21 The abuse of military cadets by “woke” Colonel Laura Dawson - pushing vaccines!

08/23/21 Vaccine approval is a new low for the FDA!

08/23/21 FDA approval illegal! Doctor reveals Pfizer insert proves criminal intent by Pfizer and FDA!

08/22/21 Hong Kong University warns against accidental vaccination into veins!

08/20/21 Clinical pathologist trained at Mayo - CoVid shots create 20-fold increase in certain cancers

08/19/21 New research reveals 62% of those getting CoVid vaccine will experience permanent health damage!

08/19/21 The CoVid vaccine narrative is crumbling - Doctors talking about the dangers of mRNA vaccines

08/16/21 War on kids! Vaccination data released, urgent warning issued!

08/15/21 Navy Commander warns of threat to National Security from mandatory vaccine

08/15/21 Texas Supreme Court rules in favor of Gov. Abbott - mask mandates are not legal

08/15/21 Fauci asks Americans to put aside their “concerns” about “personal liberty” and get the vaccination! Americans should tell Fauci “to go pound sand!”

08/14/21 FDA knew on Oct 22, 2020 that the vaccine could maim and kill - see there slide presentation!

08/14/21 Thousands attend rally at Oklahoma Capitol to protest mask mandates , vaccine passports, shout USA!

08/13/21 NYC restaurants - We won’t be vaccination police

08/13/21 Would the government ever consider putting the unvaccinated in “camps”?

08/13/21 Babies born in the CoVid era have 20% lower IQs!

08/13/21 Vaccine resistant Lambda variant may be used for more lockdowns and steal 2022 midterms

08/13/21 Tyrannical Philly mayor demands unvaccinated wear two masks starting Sept 1st

08/13/21 The silenced scientists that tried to warn us about the CoVid vaccines!

08/12/21 Fauci says Americans are facing continual CoVid vaccine booster shots to keep the virus under control

08/11/21 CDC urges pregnant and breastfeeding to get the CoVid shot!

08/09/21 Federal Judge temporarily suspends FL vaccine passport ban for Cruise lines

08/09/21 Fauci goes full fascist!

08/09/21 Does Bill Gates think you should be denied your social security check, unless you take the CoVid vaccine?

08/09/21 German chief pathologist sounds alarm over fatal vaccine injuries!

08/08/21 One law for bikers, another law for Obama - Fauci criticizes Sturgis rally on national TV, but say nothing about Obama gathering! Hypocrites!

08/08/21 Pfizer VP urges all women of child bearing age to reject CoVid vaccines due to pregnancy risks

08/08/21 NIH Director - I celebrate every time a company mandates vaccines on their employees!

08/08/21 Fauci - Additional CoVid vaccine booster shot will be necessary for some groups!

08/07/21 Boston Court orders vaccination of 14 year old - against the parents wishes

08/07/21 John Hopkins Doctor - CoVid vaccines should not be required for all Americans

Hi 08/07/21 Over a quarter of Americans not planning on getting vaccinated

08/07/21 “The mandates are coming” - Fauci says upcoming FDA approval will inspire a wide range of requirements

08/07/21 One American’s decision - Why I refuse to get vaccinated

08/07/21 Leading Israeli Health Official - vaccinated represent nearly all of serious CoVid cases and hospitalizations

08/06/21 Former key Biden advisor concedes cloth masks do little to stop covid

08/06/21 If the want compliance, officials should follow their own rules!

08/06/21 Emails confirm origin of Chinese Lab Director’s CoVid infection no

08/06/21 Ivermectin Studies for COVID-19- results

08/05/21 Biden launched vaccination efforts at schools - while hiding the risks these vaccine pose to your children!

08/05/21 Biden team’s misguided and deadly CoVid-19 vaccine strategy

08/05/21 Moderna calls for third shot - to protect against variants - when will it end?

08/05/21 Timing exposes China’s weaponization of virus

08/04/21 Former Obama Official - Demands adult unvaccinated Americans be put on no fly list!

08/04/21 Despite deadly results reflected in VAERS, FDA intends to fast track Pfizer vaccine approval by early Sept. - to support mandatory vaccinations

08/04/21 McAllen Tx constructing emergency shelters for illegals released by US Border Patrol - alarming number of illegals released in US not tested for CoVid!

08/04/21 FL Governor DeSantis tells Biden to Shove It! Until you seal the southern border, I don’t want to hear a blip from you about CoVid!

08/03/21 Fauci - Mandates will be necessary to convince 93 million Americans to get vaccinated

08/03/21 CoVid panic - Round 2

08/02/21 The Public Health Dictatorship Post-Christians crave and deserve

08/02/21 Biden regime - It’s time to impose requirements on Americans to force them to take the CoVid vaccine!

08/02/21 Outrageous! Governor Cuomo calls on private business to go to vaccinated admittance only

08/01/21 Why are globalists and governments pushing vaccinations so hard?

08/01/21 Biden regime unable to explain CDC’s testing process for the Delta variant

08/01/21 Emergency declaration from one Doctor on CoVid vaccines!

07/30/21 CDC report - Delta variant as contagious as Chicken Pox

07/30/21 House Republicans stage massive “maskless” protest at US Capitol

07/29/21 Postal Workers push back on looming Biden vaccine mandates

07/29/21 Teacher’s Union doesn’t rule out strike as state opt for right to choose on mask mandate

07/29/21 Google and Facebook announce mandatory vaccines for all employees

07/28/21 CDC justified new mask guidance based upon study listed as failing peer review

07/28/21 Inventor of mRNA - Some CoVid vaccines make the virus more dangerous

07/28/21 Deadly Shots! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID "Vaccine"

07/28/21 CDC - Vaccinated can spread virus as much as unvaccinated!

07/27/21 Ron DeSantis defends no masks in Florida Schools - Believes parents can make decisions about there children

07/27/21 Fascist Dems and aligned groups will use CoVid-19 to persecute patriots

07/26/21 Pfizergate! Leaks expose Pfizer’s manufacturing and supply agreement

07/26/21 Vaccine crisis - Scientist raises deep concerns about long-term endothelial damage

07/26/21 Recovered CoVid-19 patients possess robust immunity to the virus

07/25/21 Critical CCP virus questions the mainstream media refuses to ask!

07/25/21 Fauci says government is actively looking at new mask guidelines for the vaccinated!

07/25/21 Biden regime health advisor Zeke Emanuel “We must make vaccinations a reward/punishment” system

07/25/21 The CoVid blood that is on Biden’s hands

07/25/21 The science behind why and how Ivermectin works against the CoVid-19 virus

07/24/21 Founder of the mRNA vaccine -Federal agencies under-reporting adverse effects and hiding information

07/24/21 Overwhelming evidence that the CCP virus leaked from the Wuhan lab

07/24/21 Mayor de Blasio of NYC encourages all business to force mandatory vaccinations on their employees!

07/23/21 Vast majority of unvaccinated American adults have no plans to get the CoVid vaccine jab

07/22/21 Conclusions about the CoVid-19 virus

07/22/21 Biden will push CDC to force unvaccinated kids to wear masks

07/21/21 Health officials are laying the groundwork for vaccine mandates and passports

07/21/21 900% increase in illegal aliens reported with CoVid-19 in first two weeks of July

07/20/21 8.7K of 11 million Vaccinated New Yorkers test positive for CoVid-19!

07/20/21 Sen. Rand Paul tears into Fauci at hears - “You and others will be held responsible”

07/20/21 The risks of CoVid vaccines - Do Americans have a right to know?

07/20/21 Dem governor of Washington calls Trump voters “bioreactor facility” spreading CoVid in Washington state

07/19/21 MIT Study - Vaccine hesitancy is highly informed, scientifically literate, and sophisticated

07/18/21 Links discovered between Wuhan lab, bat research, and US funding through Fauci’s agencies

07/17/21 Four new discoveries about the safety and efficacy of the CoVid vaccines

07/17/21 Kamala Harris’s husband spreads misinformation about CoVid - says vaccines are the only way to prevent “dying or getting really sick”

07/17/21 UK Study: People who have been vaccinated make up 47% of new cases

07/16/21 CDC Director warns about a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated“

07/15/21 Damning Proof! Covid vaccines damaging your blood!

07/14/21 National nurses union asks CDC to reinstate universal mask mandate

07/14/21 Biden sending community organizers door to door with CoVid shots

07/14/21 Former Obama Health and Human Services Sebilius says you should lose your job, your kids if you are unvaccinated!

07/13/21 Airlines to pilots - get vaccine shots or be grounded

07/13/21 WHO to come out with guidelines for a digital vaccine passport

07/13/21 Johnson and Johnson vaccine tied to Guillaine-Barre syndrome

07/13/21 Fauci - No doubt unvaccinated children older than two should wear masks

07/12/21 Biden regime asks SMS carriers to monitor Americans who are spreading Covid-19 “misinformation”

07/12/21 It is now the most lethal product ever made!

07/12/21 Biden regime will support local vaccine mandates

07/12/21 Fauci says vaccines lacking full FDA approval merely “technical issue”

07/12/21 Government patent records paint a disturbing picture regarding Covid-19 origins

07/10/21 With Feds help Moderna forecasts record revenue of $19.2 billion

07/11/21 Fauci - there should be more Covid vaccine mandates at the local level

07/10/21 Biologist on Tucker Carlson’s show - If Ivermectin is proven effective against virus, it moots the need for a vaccine

07/10/21 Dr. on CNN - make life difficult for unvaccinated

07/10/21 Sen. Ted Cruz proposes legislation to ban creation of covid vaccine database of American citizens

07/09/21 CDC guidelines to “shame” unvaccinated children when they return to school - make them wear masks

07/08/21 MO Health Department board member faces censorship for resisting Covid-19 vaccinations

07/07/21 DC council passes bill to vaccinate minors without parental consent

07/06/21 Fauci says Americans who don’t get vaccinated are “making a political statement” and should “get over themselves”

07/06/21 CDC manipulated study data on vaccine effects on pregnant women

07/06/21 Biden regime - We will go “door to door” to talk to vaccine resisters!

07/06/21 Man who funded Wuhan Lab with American taxpayer dollars refuses GOP requests for documents

07/03/21 CoVid-19 Vaccine Passports status across 50 states - status as of July 1st

07/02/21 Vast majority of people dying now of Covid-19 were vaccinated for the virus

07/01/21 Biden White House to deploy “Delta Variant” Response teams within US

06/17/21 Ivermectin  could have saved “countless” lives but Doctors were told not to use it


In Depth Study:

    1) House GOP report - Origins of Covid-19 - Sept 2020

    2) Pro Publica - How the CCP Censored News of the Covid-19 Virus

    3) Heritage Foundation - Holding the CCP Accountable for the Covid-19 Pandemic