Current Situation:

The Biden administration is promoting an agenda that will result in trillions of dollars in additional spending for the Green New Deal, tens of thoursands of IRS agents, and promotion of left wing agendas.  The recent "Infrastructure deal" that some GOP senators took part in proved to be a disaster.  Before the deal's ink was dry, Biden and the left were insisting on several trillion dollars more.  Inflation is already on the rise in the last six months. With a looming debt ceiling extension coming up, will the GOP stand firm for reasonable constraints on democrat party spending?

Recent News:

02/09/22 WSJ research indicates Biden’s positive January jobs report likely made up!

02/04/22 January’s positive jobs report - did someone in the Biden regime “fudge” the numbers?

01/14/22 Food shortages in meat, eggs, poultry worsen as new supply chain disruptions worsen!

01/13/22 Produce prices jump 9.7% over last as Biden inflation runs rampant!

01/13/22 Vaccine passports, food insecurities, and the law of unintended consequences

12/10/21 Consumer prices rose 6.8% in November over previous year

12/07/21 Mitch McConnell plots with Dems to raise debt ceiling against wishes of the American people!

11/22/21 Biden likely to blame US businesses for inflation and higher priced

11/12/21 No more private bank deposits - Biden nominee for Comptroller of the Currency reflects a Communist philosophy!

11/06/21 US under Biden has record trade deficits of 80 billion!

10/21/21 Container shipping costs under Biden are up 4X!

10/16/21 CA Dems created the goods shortage fiasco - Part 2

10/14/21 CA Dems created the goods shortage fiasco - Part 1

09/15/21 Dems consider gimmick to allow themselves to spend trillions without recourse!

09/13/21 UPS exec says supply chain woes would last into 2022

09/05/21 7 million Americans to lose jobless benefits on Labor Day

09/03/21 Ban job numbers another sign of Biden Regime incompetence!

09/02/21 Sen. Joe Manchin of WV comes out against House Dem 3.5 trillion budget spending bill

08/26/21 Chip shortages seriously impact automakers

08/23/21 Suicide - How vaccine passports will cause the economic collapse of America

08/16/21 OPEC snubs Biden - says no to more oil

08/15/21 Biden regime admits food inflation is massive - see 25% increase in food stamp payments

08/11/21 Biden begs OPEC to increase oil production - after closing down the Keystone pipeline

08/09/21 Tyson Foods CEO says food costs are rising faster than they can hike prices

08/05/21 Study shows “Bipartisan” infrastructure bill does nothing to grow the economy

08/01/21 So called “Bipartisan” infrastructure bill is 2700 pages long!

07/29/21 Biden’s downfall will be in the decline of our standard of living

07/29/21 Biden’s America - American wages drop 2% as inflations spirals out of control

07/26/21 GOP feels the wrath of the middle class! Finally acknowledges the debt ceiling!

07/23/21 Feds say inflation will hit 31 year high

07/22/21 Why the debt ceiling matters to deplorables?

07/21/21 Kroger’s CEO warns that Biden’s latest policy will cause food to skyrocket by Ictober

07/13/21 Sen. Joe Manchin on more infrastructure - “we have put enough free money out”

07/12/21 Biden economists tell Americans to brace for levels of inflation not seen in decades

07/08/21 Wells Fargo to shut down all personal lines of credit

07/07/21 Currency Wars - World on verge of monetary crisis

07/07/21 Gasoline prices 40% since Biden inauguration

07/01/21 Sen. Manchin says he will hold the line against Dem spending and filibuster changes

06/21/21 Upcoming debt ceiling battle expected on Capitol Hill

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