The Current Situation:

Critical Race Theory is a subversive, Marxist ideology that has infiltrated our schools and institutions over the past several years.  It pits groups of people (based upon race) against each other through hatred and guilt, along with teaching a denigration of our nation's history and the positive role it as played in this world.  CRT has taken hold in the upper leadership of our Military where literal "purges" of patriotic, God-fearing American service men and women could be the likely outcome.  This was brought in by Biden, and promoted by US military leaders.  Military leaders that are pushing CRT need to go, this kind of social reengineering has no place in the military!  At the same time across the nation, school boards are implementing CRT, but America's parents are fighting back hard and demanding that it be removed from the curriculum, and that board members, administrators, and teachers promoting it should be fired.

Recent News:

04/17/22 What is the Chinese Communist Party trying to accomplish in Shanghai?

03/22/22 China fully militarizes three South China Sea islands

12/10/21 As China’s shadow lengthens, the US must take steps to defend Taiwan

11/17/21 Top General warns that China could spring nuclear first strike against the US

10/17/21 China puts military on alert as state media threatens doom for Taiwan!

10/16/21 Shocking! China tests nuclear capable super sonic cruze middle tat orbited the earth!

09/14/21 In a secret call to Communist China, Joint Chief Milley promised to give them advanced warning of any attack

09/07/21 China mulling taking over Bagram Air Base

09/06/21 China flies 19 nuclear bombers and fighter jets into Taiwan air space, escalating tensions

09/05/21 China makes threatening moves on Taiwan

09/01/21 Big business pulling out all the stops to get our government to surrender to China

08/23/21 UK Government - Biden has made China the most powerful superpower

08/18/21 Anti-Audit Dems took trips to China sponsored by CCP influence group!

08/18/21 China vows to crush any US troops on Taiwan, practice live fire activities off Taiwan’s coast

08/17/21 China performs assault drills off the coast of Taiwan

08/16/21 Chinese State Media - Afghanistan is a lesson for Taiwan for how the US abandons its allies

08/13/21 Dem Congresswomen who is drafting voting laws is heavily invested in China state run companies

08/13/21 Head of WHO virus origins investigations team admit Communist Chinese told them what to write in their report

08/11/21 Chinese tycoon with close ties to the CCP buys large swaths of land in Texas

08/11/21 CCP operatives may already be in place to support a communist regime

08/10/21 Dem congressman leading election reforms is heavily invested in CCP linked companies

08/05/21 RI Teachers Union seek immediate injunction to prevent release of CRT materials to a mom

08/04/21 Indeed job search platform pushing Critical Race Theory on clients

08/01/21 California parents are pulling their children from public schools

07/29/21 City of Austin, TX approves $10,000 per day CRT training for their police department

07/27/21 House Dems vote down bill banning funding for CRT training

07/25/21 President Trump hammers Biden about “America Last” policies including CRT

07/24/21 Sen. Josh Hawley proposes anti-critical race theory legislation entitled “Love America Act”

07/20/21 CRT champions seizing curriculum, silencing dissent

07/20/21 Wentzville MO School district lies to parents about not teaching CRT - They are!

07/20/21 CRT running wild in the military

07/18/21 Victory! Biden regime ditches making Critical Race Theoery grants a priority due to parental concerns

07/17/21 In Virginia backlash to CRT in both rural and suburban communities

07/16/21 Sen. Tom Cotton introduces legislation to stop military officers from teaching CRT

07/16/21 South Africa, the first country built on Critical Race Theory - implodes!

07/15/21 Local NAACP leader’s response to opponents of Critical Race Theory - “Let them die”

07/15/21 Critical Race Theory Advocates send student and staff on Communist Chinese propaganda trips

07/13/21 Is just banning CRT in our schools enough?

07/09/21 Biden regime hints their support for teaching CRT in public schools

07/09/21 Several public schools using a reading book stating whites contract with Devil

07/08/21 American Federation of Teachers President Randi Winegarten claims CRT is “honest history”

07/08/21 AL Senator Tuberville “No taxpayer money for CRT - we need to snuff it out”

07/07/21 Defense Contracter Raytheon purportedly pushing CRT on employees

07/07/21 Air Force Academy professor backs CRT training for all troops!

07/06/21 National Teachers Union puts in additional 2.5 million in legal fund to fight parents on curriculum

07/06/21 School Boards across US see surging recall efforts due to CRT

07/05/21 Activists brag about including race and equity lessons into elementary classrooms

07/03/21 Largest Teacher’s Union vote to push CRT agenda in public schools

07/01/21 Sen. Josh Hawley accurately presents CRT

06/23/21 Iowa Teacher goes on wild rant about not being able to teach CRT

06/17/21 Several states cracking down on Critical Race Theory


In Depth Study:

    1) Heritage Foundation - Focus on Critical Race Theory

    2) House Republican Policy Brief - CRT

    3) Hillsdale College - CRT - What is it and how to fight it

The growing threat of China to world stability (and to our freedoms) cannot be overstated.  They are at the nexus of several critical challenges that Americans face today.  The Covid-19 virus most likely came from a gain-of-function bioweapon experiment in Wuhan, China (funded by our very own Anthony Fauchi and Peter Dasak).  Secondly, evidence is growing that China may have been a root cause of the election fraud of 2020 through the hacking of electronic voting machines (Mike Lindell intends to prove that at his August white hat symposium).  The current censorship framework experienced in the United States (Google, Twitter, Facebook) was modeled in China as the CCP learned how to monitor (and then fully control) its people.  China strangles freedom from the people of Hong Kong, threatens to attack its neighbors (Taiwan) and attempts to establish hegemony throughout east Asia.  Everywhere there is a vacuum (South America, Africa, Afghanistan) China fills the vacuum.  Most insidiously of all, we have a illegitimate Biden regime in which the Biden family irrefutably accepted financials bribes from the Communist Chinese (to what end).  Finally, America's elite see China as a model by which they can stay in power in perpetuity, establishing extensive and dangerous relationships with their counterpart elite in Bejing.  The average citizens of China are wonderful people with a rich, ancient heritage - but the CCP are a clear and present danger to our freedoms.

Recent News:

08/07/22 China’s next more dangerous bioweapon and how the US is helping them to build it

08/04/21 Communist Chinese subsidized trips for western journalists for the past 25 years

08/02/21 CCP front group collaborating with schools to teach anti-American hate

07/28/21 Would the US lose to China in a fight over Taiwan? One war gaming simulation says yes

07/28/21 China practicing amphibious invasion landings over the last few months

07/27/21 China building a massive fleet to attack Taiwan!

07/26/21 Biden’s UN advisor meets with Chinese group that pushes pro-CCP policy objectives

07/24/21 China’s first virus coverup - SARS 20 years ago

07/22/21 China refuses to work with the WHO on second phase of Wuhan lab leak investigation

07/19/21 China buying huge amounts of US farmland

07/19/21 Clinton protégé Congressman serving on National Security committees is heavily invested in CCP-owned firms

07/18/21 China’s massive growth in global trade

07/17/21 How an undergrad student found China’s expanded nuclear arsenal - where was the CIA, DIA, NSA?

07/17/21 Biden gaffe reminds that it is time to hold the CCP accountable

07/15/21 China dumps so much raw sewage into the ocean it is visible from space

07/14/21 China threatens to nuke Japan “nonstop” if it tries to defend Taiwan

07/13/21 Dem on House Intel committee who pushed Russian collusion hoax - heavily invested in CCP controlled companies

07/12/21 Joe Biden benefitted from Hunter’s deals in China, several other countries

07/12/21 Pentagon official - China working on space weapons

07/12/21 China accused (again) of genocide against Uyghurs

07/10/21 What does the Chinese military want with your unborn baby’s genetic data?

07/09/21 China to swoop in to Afghanistan as the US withdrawals

07/08/21 Pentagon sees increased chance of nuclear war

07/08/21 China’s gene giant harvests genetic data from millions of women

07/07/21 As America recedes, China rises

07/07/21 Chinese spy recruitment scholar running NSA personnel department

07/05/21 China is preparing for Nuclear War

07/04/21 America’s elites and China’s elites are more similar than you think

07/01/21 China going cashless - leading world to global surveillance state

07/01/21 Communist China did the right thing -Berkshire Hathaway exec praises CCP Authoritarianism

06/18/21 China forcibly harvests organs from detainees - international report concludes

In Depth Study:

    1) Committee on the Present Danger - China

    2) Foundation for Defense of Democracies - China

    3) The National Pulse - China

    4) 19 Forty Five - China

    5) The Uyghur Genocide by the CCP

    6) The Gatestone Institute - China

    7) Accountability Initiative Org - China