The Current Situation:

There is a statement attributed to those pushing for the Great Reset.  "You will own nothing and you will be happy!"  The rich and powerful of the world are never satisfied with the wealth and power they already have.  Rather, they want yours as well, and turn you into a serf.  Starting off as Agenda 21, and now metastastized into Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset, Marxists and socialists are using the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to change the way our capitalist economy works. True capitalism and small business success and achievement needs to go, to be replaced by crony capitalism, centralized economic planning, and private/public partnerships.  This will most definitely lead to the destruction of the middle class.  We hear reports of large investment companies (i.e. BlackRock) purchasing thousands upon thousands of homes (paying way over market value) with the intent of renting them back to the masses.  This is not the American way and it definitely not what our Founders envisioned.

Recent News:

04/17/22 Key representative of World Economic Forums lays out elite’s plan for mankind!

04/05/22 Top WEF Advisor - Covid is critical in our control of people!

03/04/22 CEO and globalist Larry Fink of Blackrock wants to force you into accepting the Great Reset - and having nothing!

11/10/21 Forbes - The Great Reset in 2030 - What it will be like

11/04/21 How Blackrock Inc. threatens US financial prosperity and national security

10/12/21 The Great Reset comes into focus

09/28/21 Biden’s build back better! A way to steal your economic livelihood and personal freedoms!

09/19/21 Is Biden trying to collapse the dollar?

09/17/21 California bans most all single family only zoning!

09/14/21 Technocrats want to use carbon credits to control our personal lives

08/02/21 BlackRock personnel in key roles of corrupt Biden regime

07/26/21 The world’s largest investment firm (BlackRock) and the Great Reset!

07/24/21 Brits plan to replace cash with digital “BritCoin” currency

07/12/21 America gets the “Great Reset” while China pollutes the world

07/11/21 Dems move to take over your credit score to achieve their agenda

07/11/21 Globalist leaders plan global minimum tax - Biden regime and Dems will sell out America by supporting it!

07/09/21 HUD pushes to federalize local zoning - will displace single family homes laws

06/20/21 BlackRock in the White House

06/17/21 Financial elites planning a Great Reset to destroy personal wealth

06/12/21 BlackRock’s home buying spree and why it should concern you


In Depth Study:

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