The Current Situation:

From his first day in office, Biden has implemented a wide range of executive orders to reverse President Trump's polices (that were working), strangle American freedoms and liberties, and promote a leftist ideology (including Critical Race Theory, "wokeness", an open border, Green Agenda, and the Great Reset.  Patriots Americans and US States with conservative-led leaders (like Florida and Texas) need to vigorously resist these socialist-based actions of the federal government and protect their citizens from these encroachments against our liberties. The Iowa Legislature and Governor Reynolds have done several things in this regard, but more needs to be done.

Recent News:

05/11/22 Further news on The Biden regime’s plan to hand sovereignty of American health policy to the UN WHO!

05/04/22 Red Alert! Biden handing over US sovereignty to WHO later this month - unless stopped!

04/09/22 11 times corrupt Joe Biden was involved in his family’s business dealings!

04/05/22 Was corrupt Joe Biden identified as “the big guy” before the Hunter Biden grand jury?

04/02/22 Illegitimate, criminal Biden openly pushing to prosecute President Trump!

03/31/22 The enemies of America are clear for all to see!

03/28/22 Senator Chuck Grassley provides new information (on Senate floor) linking payments from Communist Chinese to Hunter and James Biden!

03/26/22 Hunter Biden had sensitive access to Department of Defense databases? Why?

03/26/22 NY Post - Hunter Biden secured funds for US Biolabs contractor in Ukraine

03/25/22 Hunter Biden emails from laptop reveal Hunter working with Ukraine on BioLab projects - Criminal Biden family activities the source of the current Ukraine conflict!

03/24/22 Hunter Biden company (Rosemont Seneca) partnered with Ukraine and US DOD on biolabs testing dangerous pathogens!

03/24/22 President Trump sues Hillary Clinton and others in RICO suit over Russian Collusion Hoax! - full document in the article

03/22/22 Biden Supreme Court nominee is lenient on child porn offenders - and the Democrat Senate is trying to hide it!

03/22/22 Hunter Biden’s laptop - it’s real! - eight scandals that Joe should be impeached for!

03/22/22 This is how Biden’s DOJ spies on conservatives (even journalists) and lies about it!

03/17/22 The Russia/Ukraine conflict is far more complicated than the Biden regime or mainstream media leads on

02/18/22 Special Prosecutor Durham providers  further justification for his report on Democrat spying and treason!

02/17/22 Did Obama order FBI investigation at the request of George Soros?

02/15/22 Compromised! Liz Cheney’s husband works for law firm that helps the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) - the same law firm was involved in Hillary’s treasonous spying against President Trump!

02/14/22 Durham may unravel the greatest political scandal in American history!

02/14/22 Special Counsel - Democrats Framed and Spied on Trump while he was President!

02/14/22 Former DNI Ratcliff - says others knew of Hillary’s plan to hack Trump servers and Trump’s Administration - including Obama and Biden! If true, they are guilty of treason as well!

02/14/22 GOP Rep Jim Jordan agrees with Trump - Hillary’s aides committed treason - would be executed in a previous time! 

02/13/22 President Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of treason!

02/12/22 Dem Spying on Trump - Tip of the Iceberg!

02/12/22 The high crimes of Obama, Biden, and Holder!

02/12/22 All Powerful Dems, FBI, DOJ, CIA knew Trump was innocent - but smeared him anyway! All of them should go to jail!

02/12/22 Clinton, Biden, Dem treason against President Trump - alleged in Durham pleadings!

02/11/22 Durham Investigation releases bombshell information about spying on Clinton!

02/07/22 Biden regime’s DHS now declaring Americans who don’t conform with the “vax is great” narrative - as domestic terrorists!

02/03/22 Biden regime likely left 9,000 Americans in Afghanistan per new Senate report

02/02/22 Newly classified emails show Trump impeachment witnesses knew about Biden family corruption!

01/27/22 Traitors to America - China has paid Hunter and the Biden family 31 million dollars

01/18/22 Senators demand Secretary of State Carson’s explain his role in a letter calling parents domestic terrorists!

01/14/22 Lawless Biden regime tells businesses to ignore Supreme Court’s OSHA’s ruling and enforce Biden vaccine mandates

01/14/22 Supreme Court overturns Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate!

01/12/22 Biden plummets in polls - only 33% of Americans, 25% of independents approve of his job performance!

01/05/22 Sixth Circuit denies Biden’s request to stay order blocking Federal contractor vaccine mandate

12/30/21 Biden regime removes 206 Marines from service for refusing the Covid vaccine!

12/30/21 Biden regime inks $137 million deal with German pharmaceutical company - that won’t produce Covid tests until 2024!

12/26/21 US Marines have booted 169 soldiers out of Marine Corps because they refused Covid vaccine!

12/07/21 Federal judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandates for Federal contractors nationwide!

12/06/21 Biden’s bank regulator nominee withdraws as her Marxist positions are exposed!

12/04/21 6th Circuit denies Biden from slow waking or transferring Osha mandate case to favorable court

12/02/21 Fifth Circuit has harsh words over Biden’s vaccine mandates

12/02/21 Biden legal defeats rapidly piling up across a wide range of policy fronts!

11/23/21 Federal Judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate nationwide!

11/22/21 Biden shared his “anger” at the Rittenhouse verdict, putting him on the side of this thug, BLM terrorist, and mass killer!

11/18/21 Biden restarts Obama’s war on religious liberty!

11/10/21 Biden regime will rely on “snitches” for company vaccine mandate enforcement!

11/08/21 Illegitimate, tyrannical Biden regime tells business to “ignore” court injunction - force implement mandates anyway!

11/06/21 Biden considers Michigan pipeline shutdown to placate environmentalists- will raise gas prices!

11/06/21 5th Circuit puts temporary hold on OSHA vaccine mandate

11/05/21 Medical institutions that receive Medicare/Medicare payments from Biden regime must mandate vaccines for all employees - or lose receipt of future governmental payments

11/04/21 Illegitimate Biden regime to bring “planned inspections” and massive fines for their Covid vaccine mandate

11/04/21 Biden moves to wreck US oil industry!

11/04/21 Biden’s fascist regime -Troops who ignore vaccine mandates won’t get veterans benefits!

11/04/21 Republicans in Congress plan to sue Biden regime on unconstitutional vaccine mandates!

10/17/21 The 3.5 Trillion Biden/Dem socialist takeover bill - 42 reasons to say “Hell No!”

10/17/21 Where is the outrage?

10/15/21 Federal employees, military, civilian contractors sue Biden regime over vaccine mandates

10/15/21 Biden Regime and Dems desperately want to track every financial transaction of Americans! Why?

10/13/21 Southwest Airlines employees organizing peaceful protest against company’s vaccination policy

10/12/21 Biden wants to make fundamental (radical) changes to our economic system

10/11/21 Will Biden bypass Congress to establish a global corporate tax?

10/06/21 McConnell Caves! Allows emergency debt ceiling extension to December!

10/02/21 Did Lt. Col. Scheller deserve the treatment he received?

10/01/21 Is illegitimate Biden regime about to mandate vaccines for Interstate travel?

09/30/21 Biden’s Secretary of Education says parents are not “Primary Stakeholders” in their children’s education

09/29/21 Dems place 700k fines in their massive budget bill for companies that don’t enforce vaccine mandates

09/24/21 Hunter Biden demanded $2 million plus “success fees” for unfreezing Libyan assetts

09/23/21 Evil! Biden pushing for court-martials, dishonorable discharges for US military that refuse vaccine!

09/23/21 Shameful! South Korean President travels to Hawaii to repatriate US serviceman’s remains. Biden sends nobody!

09/23/21 Biden’s Dementia! Is this putting the US at risk?

09/21/21 Well! Well! Politico acknowledges that Biden lied about his knowledge of his Hunter’s criminal activities!

09/20/21 Whoa! Army presentation justifies vaccines based upon tenets of Satanism!

09/18/21 Gen. Milley aided the BLM during the riots of 2020, preventing President from implementing the Insurrection Act

09/17/21 Biden continues to destroy relationships with our allies - now France!

09/17/21 Crazy! Biden sets goal to have power sector to be carbon free by 2025!

09/16/21 Mark Milley is a traitor!

09/15/21 Gen. Milley needs to resign immediately - and tried for treason!

09/14/21 Is Biden’s incompetence sowing the seeds of military unrest?

09/12/21 Biden wants to monitor every American’s bank account!

09/12/21 Biden asks OSHA to lie to the American people!

09/10/21 Biden working to ideologically purge military academies!

09/10/21 Biden likely committed war crime trying to salvage his reputation in Afghanistan

09/10/21 Biden regime does not rule out banning unvaccinated from domestic flights!

09/10/21 Fascist - Biden tries to compel organizations of 100+ employees to force vaccinations or weekly testing on employees

09/10/21 The 10 Stages of Genocide

09/09/21 Trump Group facilitates the successful release of Americans from Kabul

09/09/21 Daily Wire - We will not comply!

09/09/21 WI Sen. Ron Johnson - Biden trampling on civil liberties!

09/09/21 12 Governors (including Reynolds of Iowa) pushed back on illegitimate Biden’s vaccine tyranny!

09/09/21 Washington DC likely to become an armed camp again - fencing likely to go up again around US Capitol to protect Dem elites!

09/09/21 Biden vaccine tyranny! He must go!

09/09/21 American anger rises against Biden! - warning, strong language

09/09/21 Wow! Biden regime disconnects help line for American citizens and SIV holders stranded in Afghanistan!

09/07/21 Biden asks for $6 Billion to resettle 85,000 Afghan refugees

09/06/21 US Congressman believes 500 Americans are stranded in Afghanistan

09/06/21 Is the Biden regime and other dark forces trying to remake our military into a force that will fight against Americans?

09/06/21 Thanks Biden for the monster you enabled! Taliban completes conquest of Afghanistan by seizing Panjshir province

09/06/21 State Department accused of holding up refugee flights out of Afghanistan

09/04/21 Several planes in Northern Afghanistan filled with Americans are stranded. Biden and State Department refuse to intervene!

09/04/21 US Marine on the ground in Kabul confirms Afghan refugees that boarded planes were inverted!

09/03/21 Father of injured marine stops Biden from visiting his son

09/03/21 Pineapple Express Round 2 - Heroic former vets and intelligent agents attempt to rescue more Americans Biden left behind!

09/02/21 Biden ordered federal agencies to cover up his blunders in Afghanistan by deleting documents

09/02/21 Evidence mounts that Biden regime created a false narrative about Afghanistan the past few months

09/02/21 Biden opened the gates of Hell in Afghanistan!

09/02/21 Events in Afghanistan about to destroy our American complacency

09/01/21 Biden regime was tracking the bomber before he detonated his bomb - permission to take him out was denied!

08/31/21 The fatal failure of General Milley over closing Bagram air base

08/31/21 Impeachable! Biden knew all along that Afghan government couldn’t hold out against the Taliban. He repeatedly lied to America! He must go!

08/31/21 Dems in Congress block bill that would plan for the rescue of Americans still in Afghanistan

08/31/21 90 former Flag Officers demand Lloyd Austin and Milley resign!

08/31/21 Biden dishonor!

08/31/21 Despicable! Biden didn’t look at his watch once - he did it a dozen times!

08/31/21 Another bad Biden meeting with a Gold Star mother - “he rolled his eyes at me”

08/31/21 Sen. Ron Johnson wants answers - why did the US military turn away US citizens in Kabul?

08/31/21 Biden meeting with Gold Star families goes bad for Biden - the hold him responsible for the deaths!

08/30/21 Taliban hang man from Blackhawk helicopter in show of dominance over feckless Biden!

08/30/21 Pentagon knew specifics about the Kabul airport attack before it happened!

08/30/21 Dem Rep. Seth Moulton (former veteran ) calls Biden withdrawal a “f***ing disaster “

08/30/21 Biden abandons Americans in Afghanistan - torture, death awaits those left behind!

08/30/21 Mother of slain Marine - “Biden a feckless, dementia ridden scumbag”

08/30/21 Despicable! Biden glancing at his watch during ceremony of Fallen Hero’s!

08/29/21 Retired vets open mail from government- told to shut up about Biden concerns!

08/29/21 Biden regime actively BLOCKING the extraction of Americans by private operators

08/29/21 Joe Biden’s drone strike kills innocent family of nine - many burned beyond recognition

08/29/21 Sec. of State Tony Bliken was on vacation in the Hamptons rather that tracking situation in Kabul

08/29/21 Biden regime could have kept Kabul (offered by the Taliban) but US declined - only wanted to keep airport until Aug 31st!

08/28/21 US Forces begin leaving Kabul as US begins final stages of withdrawal from Afghanistan

08/27/21 Operation “Pineapple Express” rogue ex-military rescue Americans without Biden’s permission!

08/27/21 Marine Commander fired for blasting US military and Biden administration on their handling of the withdrawal that led to the death of US Marines

08/27/21 DoD press secretary Kirby suggests that thousands of ISIS prisoners were released when we abandoned Bangram air baseut/

08/27/21 Fallen Marine returned to the US . Neither Biden or any administration officials present!

08/27/21 US Citizens and Christians (who made it to the Kabul airport) were subsequently forced by US military (Biden) into the hands of the Taliban!

08/27/21 Our fate is in a President’s bloodied hands

08/26/21 Screw Biden! CIA and US forces launching clandestine operations to rescue Americans in Afghanistan

08/26/21 US Supreme Court puts an end to Biden’s unconstitutional eviction moratorium!

08/26/21 Treasonous US officials give Taliban names of US citizens, Afghan allies to evacuate!

08/26/21 Per US Military leaders, we are relying on the Taliban to protect us, despite 12 US soldiers being murdered earlier today

08/26/21 Illegitimate Biden regime goes into hiding after today’s Kabul airport bombings!

08/26/21 Hundred of ISIS fighters surround Kabul airport - more attacks expected

08/25/21 Global media calls US, Biden a “joke” for its disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan

08/25/21 Biden regime abandons US citizens, Christians by closing and welding airport gates shut. Terrorist explosions follow

08/25/21 Is the Biden regime planning to decimate our military by imposing court martials on hundreds of thousands of American troops who refuse the vaccine?

08/25/21 Up to 200 Afghans flown out of Afghanistan to the US are on the terrorist watch list!

08/25/21 AOC - Biden must resettle at least 200,000 Afghans to the US

08/24/21 Can America survive Biden?

08/24/21 Biden caves to Taliban - Must evacuate Afghanistan by end of August - likely leaving Americans behind!

08/24/21 Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin - abject failure!

08/23/21 UK Parliament holds Biden in contempt!

08/23/21 White House Press Corps finally bringing scrutiny to Biden Afghan failures!

08/23/21 Did Biden abandon the Afghan military? Afghan commanders speak out!

08/23/21 Did the Biden regime just import terrorists? UK find people posing direct threat among evacuees!

08/23/21 What the Biden regime has been hiding - only 3,309 US citizens evacuated thus far

08/23/21 Treasonous! This is what this illegitimate president Biden gave to the Taliban!

08/23/21 Taliban threatens Joe Biden - if you stay in Afghanistan past August you will “face consequences”

08/22/21 What Biden has wrought - Taliban terrorists take 20 children hostage - give fathers four hours to surrender else their children will be killed

08/22/21 The six most disturbing aspects of Biden’s Afghanistan

08/22/21 Former British Commander calls for Biden’s court-martial!

08/21/21 Only 2,500 Americans included in airlift evacuation of 17,000 civilians

08/21/21 Biden surrenders unbelievable amounts of military assets to the Taliban!

08/21/21 This NY Post cover says it all - Biden is a disgrace! He should resign!

08/21/21 UK Parliament unloads on Biden - “Biden may have condemned the world to Chinese domination”

08/20/21 UK Special Forces now rescuing American citizens trapped in Kabul as feckless Biden refuses to send out US troops to extricate Americans

08/20/21 Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin contradicts Biden within an hour of Biden’s press conference. Americans are being beaten by the Taliban.

08/20/21 President Trump had extensive plans for a safe withdrawal - the Biden regime rejected them all!

08/20/21 UK Parliament holds Biden in contempt for his disastrous handling of the Afghan withdrawal!

08/20/21 Taliban captured facial recognition and eye scan database of all Afghan allies

08/19/21 Biden scrapped President Trump’s well thought out withdrawal plan

08/19/21 State Department officials sent cables to Sec. of State Blinken and Biden officials warning for the need for fast evacuation

08/19/21 Taliban going door to door looking for Christians - in order to kill them!

08/19/21 Gen. Flynn calls out Biden - weak foreign policy could lead to the end of the American Dream

08/19/21 Biden - “No one dying in Afghanistan” - “Can’t recall” any discussion about delaying the withdrawal of troops!

08/19/21 Catastrophic chaos at Kabul airport!

08/19/21 Tragic - Video showing the desperation Biden created due to feckless leadership!

08/18/21 Knives out - CIA tells NBC News they expected and reported a likely collapse of Afghan government

08/18/21 US lost many aircraft from Afghanistan - DOD has no idea how many!

08/18/21 Why did the US military abandon Bagram Air Force base early?

08/18/21 UK Paratroopers leaving airport facility to rescue their nationals - US troops under strict orders from Biden to do nothing! Tensions rise between UK and US. US rank and file itching to go out and save Americans!

08/18/21 Biden halted Trump response plan initiative ( to help remove US citizens from dangerous crises overseas) just months before the current Afghan debacle!

08/18/21 Only 100 Americans per flight out of Afghanistan yesterday, Americans can’t get to airport. Taliban increasingly violent!

08/18/21 Biden lied! Knew Afghan army would likely collapse - allowed the current disaster to unfold!

08/18/21 General Mark Milley deserves to be fired for Afghanistan lies, cowardice, and resistance to executive authority under President Trump

08/18/21 CNN finally admits Biden is a failure

08/18/21 CNN video analysis - Streets of Kabul reflect Taliban brutality

08/18/21 Biden left Afghans like “lambs to the slaughter”

08/17/21 Welcome to Joe Biden’s American carnage!

08/17/21 US Embassy destroyed Afghan passports creating complications for getting them out!

08/17/21 A few years back, Biden laughed at the prospect of Afghan civilian casualties!

08/17/21 Biden plans to immediately house 30,000 Afghan refugees at US military bases, allocates $500 million to relocate them!

08/17/21 Absolute horror - Biden tells Americans trapped in Kabul - “We cannot guarantee your safety”

08/17/21 US intelligence warned of a quick Taliban takeover - Biden chose to ignore it!

08/17/21 Dept of Defense report show how much Biden lied to us about Afghanistan!

08/17/21 Pentagon Spokesman- Currently no plan to get stranded American to the Kabul airport - but they sending thousands of Afghans to The US every day!

08/16/21 America Last - Biden won’t prioritize Americans in evacuations

08/16/21 Illegitimate Biden refused to listen to Generals on withdrawal- had “chip on his shoulder”

08/16/21 Former Obama Ambassdor - “I have grave fears about Biden’s ability to lead”

08/16/21 US Officials livid over botched Afghanistan withdrawal - military was refused a larger role

08/15/21 Looks like the Biden regime sabotaged the Afghan airforce

08/15/21 Biden brings massive humiliation to the US

08/15/21 President Trump: “It’s time for Biden to resign in disgrace!”

08/15/21 Outrageous! Illegitimate Biden regime offers to pay off schools that defy DeSantis mask ban!

08/14/21 DHS makes official announcement - if you question the official CoVid response, you are a violent extremist!

08/13/21 36 Days ago - Biden was convinced Taliban would not take over - Biden regime is now responsible for the collapse!

08/13/21 “Outrageous” - Biden blasted over report of “vaccine passport” for interstate travel

08/13/21 Could the Biden regime be considering tracking vaccinations by QR-codes?

08/13/21 Infrastructure bill loaded with racist agenda which discriminates against white men

08/11/21 President Trump rips Communist plan to flood America with immigrants and raise taxes

08/10/21 Biden’s radical nominees

08/10/21 Biden regime trying to override DeSantis order that would prevent school district mask mandates - would pay staff to defy DeSantis EO

08/09/21 Federal judge considers blocking Biden’s illegal extension of eviction moratorium ban

08/09/21  Biden regime to mandate CoVid vaccine for all military personnel by Sept. 15th, or face court martial!

08/08/21 Biden’s illegitimate presidency these past six months have us on the road to communism

08/08/21 President Trump reveals Biden Regime’s plan to track your vehicle travel - funded through the “bi-partisan” infrastructure bill

08/05/21 Biden regime considers withholding funds and other measures to spur vaccinations

08/05/21 With Biden’s illegal ‘eviction moratorium’, Dems embrace lawlessness

08/04/21 Defense Secretary set to announce mandatory vaccination of all active duty troops at Biden’s request

08/04/21 It’s not a Presidency, it’s a wrecking operation!

08/03/21 Illegal! CDC’s new eviction order extending moratorium

08/03/21 Biden’s UN Racism Inspector’s plan to restrict and criminalize free speech in the US

07/30/21 Biden to appoint antisemitism envoy who defended comparing President Trump to Hitler

07/30/21 Biden experiencing declining polls and growing frustration from Americans

07/30/21 Biden regime’s AG threatens legal action against TX Governor’s EO limiting transportation of illegals

07/28/21 Biden Regime’s DOJ declares vaccine mandates legal!

07/25/21 President Trump warns of radicals, communists seizing power

07/24/21 Biden’s Justice Department stops investigations into suspected Chinese agents

07/23/21 Biden DOJ drops probe into Cuomo’s nursing home deaths

07/21/21 President Trump - Republicans must push back against the extreme Biden regime’s agenda, for the sake of the country

07/18/21 The Biden regime- Leading America’s descent into madness

07/17/21 Biden regime’s Covid vaccine outreach is an authoritarian power grab

07/14/21 United Nations invited in by Biden regime to investigate “the scourge of racism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia” in the US

07/14/21 Biden regime reacts angrily to US Supreme Court decision to uphold AZ voter integrity laws

07/14/21 Biden to send monthly child tax credits to 39 million families starting in July

07/14/21 DHS says Cuban refugees (fleeing communism) are not welcome in the US, but fake refugees from the southern border are!

07/12/22 Dems have not abandoned their goal of eliminating the filibuster

07/11/21 Sorry Joe Biden, most of America is now a sanctuary for gun owners

07/09/21 Biden’s BLM nominee hides her Master’s thesis promoting anti-children population control

07/09/21 North Dakota sues Biden regime over blocking of oil and gas leases

07/06/21 Consulting firm WestExec providing Biden with large numbers of White House staff

07/06/21 New OSHA guidelines treat non-vaccinated employees as second class citizens

07/06/21 Legalized corruption - 15 members of WestExec work in Biden regime

07/05/21 Owner of Keystone XL Pipeline sues Biden regime for 15 billion dollars in damages

07/02/21 Federal Judge rules Biden move limiting state tax cuts is unconstitutional

06/29/21 Biden’s struggles in the courts

06/17/21 DOJ warns states about creating Second Amendment sanctuaries

06/15/21 Federal judge halts Biden attack on American energy

03/14/21 Trump Judges key to stopping Biden Executive orders

02/24/21 Federal judge extends Biden order that attempts to end deportation ban


In Depth Study:

    1) Ballotpedia - Biden Executive Orders and Actions

    2) Federal Register - Biden Executive Orders

    3) American Thinker - Biden EOs - Cancelling the Constitution