Current Situation:

Whether you call it the "Deep State", "Administrative State", or "Surveillance State", unelected, authoritarian bureacrats (across a wide range of US agencies) have set their sights on eliminating the freedoms of American patriots.  The FBI and DOJ are corrupt and weight the scales of justice in one direction - towards authoritarian, leftist, and globalist causes.  The surveillance state spies on American citizens, lies to congress, hides criminal activity (Biden, Clinton), executes witch hunts (Russia, Ukraine, Jan 6th),  and now operates with impunity in support of the Biden agenda.  The American people need to reign in these unaccountable intelligence and enforcement agencies and redirect them to their original noble missions. 

Recent News

05/11/22 Inside FBI whistleblower- “Very troubling things happening at the FBI”

04/20/22 Former Obama intelligence officials are resisting the breakup of big tech! If that happens, they could not control the narrative!

04/09/22 Former DNI Director believes FBI and DOJ have been hiding evidence on Biden family crimes!

04/05/22 Durham - Conspiracy between Hillary Clinton and others to smear Donald Trump before and after the start of his presidency!

03/28/22 This is why the Deep State are the enemy of the people - FBI asked about Hunter’s laptop - response “We don’t know squat!”

03/28/22 CIA Officer openly confesses to rigging the election for Joe Biden - and says he would do it again!

02/18/22 FBI organizes new units to seize cryptocurrency of citizens!

02/09/22 DHS brands free speech as a “terrorist threat” putting American patriots under threat!

02/07/22 Trudeau wants to criminally prosecute any Americans who donate to the Trucker Freedom effort!

02/03/22 GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham wants everyone of your private messages scanned and tracked!

02/02/22 Why is the US Post Office hacking into the phones of American citizens?

02/02/22 LIAR: FBI Director Chris Wray claims that Jan 6 protestors have been treated no differently than Antifa or BLM!

01/20/22 IRS wants more than your money - will soon require biometric data for many transactions!

01/20/22 Stasi like police forces in America! Grandmother arrested when her mask falls off her nose in public meeting!

01/18/22 US GOP Senators believe FBI hid details on Hunter Biden travels “to obtain cash for the Big Guy - Joe Biden”!

01/18/22 19 separate US agencies spying on Americans who request religious exemptions!

01/13/22 Inside America’s secretive research organization that is building the elites Covid passport control grid - Mitre Corp

01/11/22 Government tracking unvaccinated who requested “religious exemption” in a special database

01/11/22 DOJ creates special unit to target domestic terrorism

01/11/22 Alarming revelation about letter calling parents domestic terrorists!

01/10/22 Disgraced Former FBI #2 Andrew McCabe calls on Feds to treat mainstream conservatives as “domestic terrorists”

01/08/22 Corrupt Liz Cheney lies about her role on Jan 6th committee - committee is illegally operating outside its charter!

01/06/22 The IRS wants to fully track you!

12/13/21 US Senate will be voting on Medical Tyranny this week! Tell your senators to protect our freedoms!

12/09/21 Corrupt FBI Director Wray covers for Antifa! “Not an organization” he says!

11/24/21 Dr. Darren Beattie exposes plans of the National Security State to end America!

11/22/21 Watch the DOJ minimize the tragedy of Waukesha - to protect their leftist narrative!

11/18/21 It begins - FBI raids home of Mom who was standing up to school boards, wanting election integrity

11/17/21 More FBI tyranny - FBI raids Mesa County Elections Supervisor’s home because she exposed Democrat election fraud!

11/17/21 AG Garland guilty of directing counterintelligence force to probe American parents!

11/16/21 Whistleblower exposes lies of Biden and AG Garland for targeting parents as domestic terrorists!

11/12/21 Department of “IN” justice - Steve Bannon criminally charged with contempt - subject to arrest! Tyranny!

11/11/21 Criminal Collusion - FBI raided Project Veritas and gives info to the New York Times - details!

11/11/21 Corrupt FBI releases James OKeefe’s private communications to the New York Times so they can release it! Sombering discussion on TimCast!

11/11/21 Sex, Lies, and the FBI

11/10/21 John Durham going for the jugular- Clinton and the Deep State!

11/10/21 Biden’s corrupt DHS further accuses American patriots as “domestic trrrorists”

11/04/21 MITRE - The military group attempting to develop a vaccine passport for americans

11/04/21 FBI raids homes of Project Veritas employees - FBI out of control!

11/04/21 Biden’s police state - FBI hides HD drone surveillance video from Rittenhouse defense

11/02/21 Biden FBI’s focus on “domestic terrorists” transforming the organization into a version of the KGB!

10/20/21 Michigan parents sue US Attorney General for memo designating school board meeting attendees as terrorists!

09/30/21 Sen. Grassley acknowledges very troubling things about the FBI - there is no accountability!

09/30/21 Inspector General finds FBI abusing FISA system AGAIN!

09/25/21 FBI lies again! FBI Director said to Congress they had no informants among Proud Boys on Jan 6th - New York Times reports they had at least two!

09/18/21 Clinton Lawyer’s indictment reveals bag of dirty tricks used on President Trump

09/14/21 Gen. Mark Milley committed treason. Working with Communist Chinese against Trump!

09/12/21 Leftists call for new “secret police” to spy on Trump voters

09/12/21 White House grants extension of National Election emergency - allowing federal intelligence agencies to “access” state voting systems - for what purpose?

09/07/21 Biden regime seeks total financial surveillance over YOU!

08/30/21 Biden fascism - Chase Bank cancelled General Mike Flynn’s credit cards

08/29/21 FBI allegedly funded white supremacist publisher

08/26/21 Ruling Class continues to push private companies to make the lives of “unvaccinated “ difficult

08/26/21 10 Federal agencies pledge to increase their use of facial recognition technology

08/23/21 FBI Wray ended program investigating Black extremism - replacing it with leftist inspired Jan 6 investigation

08/19/21 Rep. Jordan launching investigation into Fed agencies who hired private companies to spy on Americans

08/18/21 DHS secret watchlist discovered - used to track and persecute American patriots?

08/17/21 Gen. Flynn - Since the latest DHS, you are considered a terrorist if you oppose White House lies!

08/17/21 Biden DHS to begin surveilling social media - to identify Trump supporters as terrorists!

08/15/21 The US is rapidly becoming a “1984 Society”

08/14/21 Conservatives and patriots - they are coming for your kids!

08/10/21 Per Washington Post - if you don’t take the vaccine you are likely a violent militia member

08/05/21 Efforts underway to prevent Capitol Hill police from establishing office in Florida

08/05/21 Leaked information - The corruption at the FBI

08/05/21 Rand Paul calls for massive civil disobedience against the New World Order - they can’t arrest us all!

08/04/21 Coming soon - America’s own Social Credit System

08/03/21 FL representative Sabatini drafting legislation to prevent corrupt US Capitol Police from moving to Florida

08/03/21 Patriots urge DeSantis to use Constitution to stop Capitol Police from moving to Florida to spy on citizens

07/29/21 Gen. Flynn - Soon 2% of the American people will control the other 98%

07/29/21 Social Credit Score system - coming to America?

07/27/21 ATF nominee and gun grabber David Chipman having problems getting necessary votes for confirmation

07/24/21 FBI using the same fear tactics they used during the first war on terror - orchestrating its own terrorist plots

07/24/21 The FBI as a corrupt tool of the Deep State

07/23/21 FBI attempts to do damage control after caught initiating MI governor kidnapping plot

07/22/21 The FBI is out of control! The light of truth will destroy this darkness

07/21/21 Even the leftist press now acknowledges the corruption in the FBI! Did this Federal agency plan the Gov. Whitney kidnapping plot?

07/21/21 Pentagon purportedly tracking users they consider “extremists” i.e. people doing google searches on BLM

07/18/21 Leak- Global abuse of cyber surveillance weapon

07/17/21 Former Fed DHS representative states that “Republicans” are America’s greatest national security threat

07/17/21 Federal Judge denies Biden regime from using third party to build an extensive database on Jan 6th participants

07/17/21 Biden regime is using the FBI to gaslight America

07/16/21 President Trump - General Milley should be court-martialed if book reports are correct!

07/14/21 Spying on and smearing Americans is un-american, not Tucker Carlson

07/15/21 Durham report is coming - many of Obama’s FBI may still go to prison

07/13/21 Defense Attorneys in MI. Governor kidnapping case will argue that FBI instigated the plot

07/13/21 FBI planned, used a dozen informants to “set up” MI Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot

07/12/21 Biden DOJ building database to track every Trump supporter who attended Jan 6th rally

07/12/21 Why is DHS training people to “isolate and quarantine” rural populations?

07/12/21 FBI tells Americans to report family members and peers for “suspicious behavior”

07/12/21 FBI used 12 informants in Michigan kidnapping plot

07/11/21 Fence surrounding Capitol Hill is finally coming down!

07/11/21 Nationalizing the Capitol Police

07/10/21 Troubling expansion of Capitol Police gets even worse with tech they plan to use

07/10/21 Corrupt Mueller Commission investigator Andrew Wiseman acknowledges Fed agencies spying on Americans

07/09/21 Released FBI documents indicate the agency may have known key Seth Rich murder details

07/08/21 FBI drops thousands of pages on mUrdered DNC employee Seth Rich, after claiming they had none

07/07/21 Were Feds involved in Jan 6th event at the Capitol?

07/07/21 Giuliani - FBI refused to take Hunter Biden hard drives containing child porn evidence

07/07/21 NSA unmasked Tucker Carlson while he was seeking Putin interview

07/07/21 Tucker Carlson was being spied on by intelligence agencies - now we know why!

07/07/21 Samuel Adams on protecting our freedoms and liberties

07/06/21 US Capitol Police to open California Ooffice

07/01/21 ATF Nominee’s David Chipman - radical agenda

07/01/21 Biden’s domestic terrorism policy - they are coming for the patriots!

06/08/21 Biden regime defines Republicans as the new domestic terrorists

05/05/21 FBI and U S Postal Service - Spying on Americans


In Depth Study:

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    2) Electronic Frontiers Foundation - NSA spying