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Can you count on the mainstream media (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC) and its high tech censors (Google, Facebook, Twitter) to give you fair and honest news and perspective on current events?  The results of the last four years (including the lies, false narratives, promotion of radical positions, and censorship) should convince all patriotic Americans that these propaganda-outlets cannot be trusted, and that you need to find news and analysis from organizations espousing traditional American values.  We believe the internet and media sources below provide you far better information, analysis and insight than legacy-based, Pravda-style propaganda news networks!


1) Internet news sites

Citizen Free Press

Populist Press

The Iowa Standard

The Liberty Daily

The American GULAG - info on Biden and Pelosi’s political prisoners

Crimes of the Century 2020

Off The Press

Bongino Report

The Epoch Times

The Gateway Pundit

Free Republic

American Thinker

The National Pulse

Revolver News

Daily Truth Report

AG - AM Greatness

CNS News


Technocracy News


2) Live TV streaming of news, commentary, and analysis

Steve Bannon's Pandemic / War Room

NewsMax TV

One American News Network

Real American's Voice

Right Side Broadcasting Network

Project Veritas

John Fredericks Radio Network


Health Ranger Report


3) Social Media that won't censure you or your views


Gettr - Launching July 4th!


Patriots - TheDonald

Frank Speech - Lindell TV Network




4) Getting to the bottom of November 3rd.  Audit the vote!

        Two things are clear to any honest, reasonable person...  

              1)  If you are attempting to stop/block/impede state approved audits that are seeking to understand irregularities, the immediate question becomes ... What are you trying to hide?   

               2)  After a thorough, transparent audit, if you don't have the most votes, YOU DIDN'T WIN!   

04/04/22 Stacy Abrams organization implicated in massive ballot trafficking operation in Georgia!

03/25/22 Zuckerberg-affilitated non-profit helped Michigan Dems to steal the 2020 election

03/21/22 How your presidential election (and your freedom) was stolen in Wisconsin - Tucker Carlson interview with Judge Michael Gableman!

03/05/22 Wisconsin Report reveals how systematic election fraud is done

03/02/22 2020 Wisconsin vote results should be decertified says lead investigator - due to massive election fraud!

02/12/12 Georgia Federal Judge and Biden Administration push to withhold information that proves the inherent Weaknesses of Dominion voting machines!

02/11/22 Analysis points to 100K votes in Georgia that were invalid and should not have been counted!

02/07/22 AZ legislature’s resolution to decertify election - submitted by AZ representative Mark Finchem!

02/07/22 Corrupt Colorado Dem Secretary of State did not anticipate a second county would preserve elections records - that document her criminality!

02/01/22 GA judge may release bombshell report on Dominion machine hacking vulnerabilities!

01/31/22 2000 Mules - How Biden and the Democrat party stole the election - one drop box at a time!

01/29/22 Finally! AZ Attorney General finally getting around to examining election router and splunk logs!

01/29/22 Your freedom to a fair vote was stolen from you! Hundreds of thousands of fake GA ballots came through like this!

01/28/22 Election facts from Georgia that demand an audit

01/23/22 Did 100,000 in Wisconsin over the age of 124 vote in the 2020 election?

01/21/22 Massive voter fraud information released in Wisconsin!

01/14/22 Another corrupt GOP sellout on election integrity - WI GOP Speaker Vos behind plan to spread voter drop boxes across the country!

01/10/22 Leaked military documents released by Project Veritas prove Fauci lied under oath!

01/09/22 GA Dem counties destroyed their videos that would have proved illegal ballot harvesting - coverup!

01/04/22 Crimes against America by Biden and Dem party! Ballot harvester in GA exposes massive ballot harvesting operation!

01/04/22 GA Secretary of State opens investigation into illegal Dem ballot harvesting operation

12/31/21 Everyone involved in the creation of Covid-19 mRNA has severe financial conflicts of interest!

12/31/21 Wisconsin elections investigatiors sends out dozens of subpoenas to get to the bottom of election fraud!

12/27/21 PA court rules - county Dominion election voting machines must be sent to PA Senate for audit inspection!

12/24/21 How Mark Zuckerberg stole Wisconsin for the democrats!

12/26/21 Nearly every election activity in Fulton County, GA on November 3rd 2020 was outsourced to a third party!

12/10/21 Wisconsin 2020 election review - lots of anomalies found!

12/08/21 Judge overseeing election audit accuses Mark Zuckerberg of election fraud!

12/29/21 Meet the technology that is uncovering the 2020 fraud

11/24/21 Racine County, Wisconsin Sheriff files criminal charges against 5 of 6 members on Wisconsin Election Commission!

11/12/21 More GA election criminal activity - 770K missing blank ballots!

11/11/21 Most ballot images from 56 Georgia counties have been destroyed!

11/09/21 Fulton County, GA has lost 17K original ballot images - more than the margin of victory!

10/11/21 Wisconsin election probe zeros in on Dem illegalities! Clear Trump won Wisconsin!

09/30/21 A ballot printing company with deep ties to the Dems may be a source to the Arizona election fraud!

09/30/21 Eric Coomer of Dominion gives unhinged deposition - leftist judge promptly puts protective order to hide it from the public

09/30/21 AZ Audit Volunteers paint disturbing picture of Maricopa County election - massive fraud!

09/30/21 Up to 700k votes are questionable in Maricopa County when you combine forensic audit with canvassing findings

09/24/21 Arizona audit brings to light 57,000 questionable ballots and serious voting machine tampering!

09/24/21 AZ Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem calls to decertify Arizona and arrest those involved in Election fraud

09/23/21 More leaked audio from Maricopa Supervisor Chucri!

09/21/21Nearly 400,000 Arizona voter identities have NO MATCH with the Social Security Administration!

09/21/21 Maricopa County Supervisor acknowledges Arizona election steal during bombshell recording - “Dead people voting”

09/19/21 Arizona apparently comparing voter rolls to Fed SSA database - finding MASSIVE discrepancies!

09/17/21 Election audit bombshells may come out of AZ and GA next week!

09/15/21 A political civil war over an election audit in PA - is the GOP really interested in getting to the bottom of things - or is this just for show?

09/12/21 Dems already cheating in California Governor’s race!

09/09/21 Voter integrity groups analyzing massive Dem voter harvesting crimes in GA, AZ, MI, PA, WI

09/08/21 Independent Arizona canvas projects “lost” and “ghost” votes 20 times Biden margin. Trump clearly won Arizona!

09/04/21 True the Vote provides background on Dem vote trafficking research

09/03/21 Drop box crimes - were “mules” picking up votes from Dem operatives before dumping the ballots at drop boxes?

09/03/21 Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote provides details on the criminal ballot dumping in GA and AZ that was done by Dems!

09/03/21 More details on drop box ballot stuffing and likely DOJ response to cover it up!

09/03/21 Dems got caught stealing election in GA and elsewhere! Dropbox dumps in the middle of the night captured by video and cell phone geo tracking!

09/02/21 Wisconsin State legislature gives go ahead for forensic audit of the Nov 2020 election!

08/31/21 Supreme Court decision opens door that states can rescind, change electors - could help throw out illegitimate Biden regime!

08/30/21 We won’t get accountability for Afghanistan until we get accountability for Nov 3rd!

08/30/21 Further clear evidence that criminal Biden forces stole Wisconsin from President Trump!

08/26/21 AZ Attorney General finds that Maricopa County broke state laws. They have 30 days to fix the issue before losing state revenues

08/26/21 House Dems pass bill to steal elections the old fashioned way!

08/25/21 Can legislatures decertify presidential electors? Yes!

08/21/21 AZ audit report delivered and now undergoing examination, review, and eventual release!

08/20/21 “Brace for Impact!” AZ corrupt, anti-audit politicians getting scared of what the audit found

08/19/21 Jovan Pulitzer - Audit report will be delivered on Friday - results will be “earth-shattering!”

08/15/21 Election Integrity Reform is the key to preventing a socialist takeover in America

08/15/21 Fulton County GA Election Chief Ralph Jones resigns - ran late night vote dump for Biden!

08/10/21 Symposium- Cyber experts break off to scrutinize election data, mock elections done to demonstrate fraud scenarios

08/09/21 Mike Lindell to present “irrefutable evidence” that China hacked election

08/09/21 Mike Lindell lays out day by day schedule for the upcoming Cyber Symposium

08/07/21 Mike Lindell gives extensive TV interview on run up to Cyner Symposium

08/07/21 AZ Attorney General opens investigation into Maracopa County’s non-compliance of Senate subpoenas

08/06/21 Wisconsin Representative Brandtjen issues subpoenas to audit two counties

08/03/21 To Dems, Leftist Elite, Uni-Party, and Deep State - Mike Lindell is a direct threat to the tyranny they have planned for America!

08/02/21 Elections expert Seth Kesel releases National fraud numbers - claims 8.1 million excessive votes - affirmed Trump won!

08/01/21 Uncovered email shows Dem elections executive Claire Woodall-Vogg laughing about her election steal in Milwaukee WI

08/01/21 Likely criminal conduct be Dem Milwaukee election executive Claire Woodall-Vogg to steal Wisconsin for Biddn

07/28/21 Not content with just threatening AZ, the Biden DOJ is now threatening ANY STATE planning forensic election audits!

07/27/21 Look Ahead America’s Wisconsin Report - Clearly stolen from Trump!

07/27/21 Anti-American Twitter censors AZ audit accounts!

07/26/21 AZ Senate President Karen Fann demands Dominion and Maricopa County appear before the senate on August 2nd!

07/26/21 Are key Georgia state election officials (i.e. Raffensperger, Sterling) secretly working with the Dem party?

07/25/21 Compare President Trumps crowd with Biden’s crowd from the last week and ask yourself… who really won the election?

07/25/21 Thousands of Americans attend Trump rally in Phoenix! Crowds circle the arena! TRUMP WON banner hung from the balcony!

07/19/21 Trump spokesman - No future elections until we fix the stolen election from Nov 3, 2020!

07/19/21 Confirmed! Original GA Sec. of State audit of Fulton County was as much a fraud as the Fulton County election results!

07/16/21 President Trump on forensic audits - “will be released shortly and they are extraordinarily big”

07/16/21 Department of Injustice! Federal prosecutor deliberately delayed Hunter Biden probe until after election!

07/15/21 Guilty! Arizona Senate debunks the Left’s Big Lie!

07/14/21 President Trump - GA fraud was massive, our nation is at stake!

07/14/21 Vernon Jones calls for the resignation of GA Governor Kemp for certifying fraudulent election

07/13/21 VoterGA Press Release - New evidence reveals GA election fraud and massive errors!

07/09/21 PROFOUND! Tucker Carlson - why Trump voters believe the 2020 election was rigged!

07/09/21 Tucker Carlson monologue source - historian Darryl Cooper’s analysis

07/09/21 PA - White House panicked about calls for Pennsylvania forensic audit of election!

07/09/21 GA- Shocking evidence of enough illegal votes in Georgia to swing state to President Trump

07/08/21 AZ - Arizona audit report when released “will shock the country”

02/02/22 Peter Navarro Report - Evidence of widespread voting fraud on Nov 3rd


5) Getting to the bottom of the Wuhan/CCP virus

     Have we been lied to about the circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 virus?  We have seen tragic loss of life, economic destruction, loss of basic rights, and now disturbing revelations of interaction of leading government health officials with their Chinese counterparts with connections to the China Communist Party.  The last few weeks present a rapidly changing perspective of how the virus originated and how we should deal with it.

02/14/22 NIH denies creating SARS Covid-2 but grant recipient won’t release records to prove it

01/14/22 Senator Johnson demands DOD investigations of DARPA bombshells on Covid origins!

01/02/22 The Pfizer Covid vaccine and their clinical results - evidence of crimes against humanity!

12/27/21 Oracle Supercomputing results from analyzing Covid virus structure - origins of virus likely from humans, not any animal!

12/09/21 Glen Beck exposes NIH/Moderna collusion ahead of Covid-19 pandemic!

11/22/21 Proof from leading medical journal - The covid-19 mRNA vaccines are murder!

11/10/21 Eco Alliance lied to Congress! They knew about Wuhan Institute of Virology’s work enhancing bat viruses several years earlier than they testified!

11/05/21 Why do they want to vaccinate children?

11/04/21 Sen. Paul rips Fauci for all of Fauci’s lies!

10/24/21 Bombshell NIH letter on bat coronavirus research reveals Fauci’s big lie!

10/08/21 Fauci and DHS discuss how they can use a China virus to enforce vaccines in everyone! Back in 2019!

10/05/21 Fauci and others planned this pandemic to force mRNA vaccines on everyone!

09/27/21 Ivermectin proven in dozens of studies to successfully prevent and fight Covid!

09/27/21 Milestone study demonstrates Vitamin D recovery rates!

09/27/21 4,600 Doctors and Scientists accuse CoVid policy makers of “Crimes Against Humanity”!

09/15/21 Everyone who blocked Ivermectin as a treatment for CoVid is guilty of mass murder

09/14/21 NIH as sent millions for “research” to CCP-run facilities since CoVid pandemic began!

09/07/21 Sen. Rand Paul says Fauci lied to Congress

09/07/21 Criminal! Fauci supported the weaponization of Coronavirus at Wuhan!

09/07/21 Fauci lied to Congress and the American people! New FOIAs reveal Fauci agencies worked with Wuhan Lab on “pathogenic enhancement”

09/06/21 Evidence mounts that spike proteins are body produces as a result of the CoVid vaccines harms are blood cells

09/01/21 Potential heart damage from the CoVid vaccines

08/26/21 The FDA and the Biden regime lies about the true state of the so called “approved” covid vaccine!

08/25/21 Judicial Watch obtains emails showing close collaboration between US and Wuhan, and Gates Foundation working with China

08/24/21 FDA instructs USPS to impound shipments of Ivermectin!

08/23/21 The left loves FDA approval of Pfizer and follows up with demands for mandates!

08/23/21 Fascist Biden calls for private companies to mandate vaccines on the American people!

08/23/21 FDA fully approves Pfizer Vaccine - will be used as a hammer to force vaccine mandates!

08/21/21 Dr. Roger Hodkinson - “ It’s all a pack of lies”

08/20/21 Hospitals in North Texas considering denying admittance to unvaccinated

08/19/21 Israel, a leader in vaccinations, now facing an infection surge

08/18/21 SecDef Austin collaborating with Biden on Dangerous military CoVid vaccine mandate!

18/18/21 US Government Officials - Don’t even think of pulling this crap in America!

08/17/21 Children born during pandemic see a 21% drop in IQ!

08/17/21 NIH Director Collins admits masking rules for children are based on anecdotes not data

08/16/21 Fighting back against the vaccine mandate

08/14/21 Internal Moderna report suggest 300,000 have been injured in three months from Moderna CoVid vaccine

08/13/21 HCQ works! Should emergency use of CoVid vaccines ever have been authorized?

08/13/21 Ivermectin works according to these studies! Why is an experimental use vaccine allowed when such effective therapeutics exist?

08/12/21 Journal of Infection - ADE is a definite concern for the vaccinated if the get Delta

08/10/21 360,000 teens develop heart conditions from the CoVid-19 vaccine, many needing hospitalization

08/10/21 Fauci tyranny - we need mask mandates under some circumstances

08/09/21 Sen Rand Paul video on Biden CoVid policy and freedom - “They can’t arrest all of us”

08/08/21 Doctor who vaccinated 900 calls blood clots at capillary level are a new phenomenon

08/08/21 Fauci, NIH, CDC failed to disclose their relationship and activities with the CCP at the Wuhan Lab - did they also fail to disclose the real dangers of the CoVid vaccines, i.e. ADE?

08/06/21 CDC Director tells CNN that CoVid vaccines cannot prevent transmission

08/03/21 I’m unvaccinated - and I plan to stay that way!

08/03/21 Criminal! Fauci and NIH knew the dangers of ADE from the CoVid vaccines!

08/03/21 NYC to be first in nation to require vaccine passport!

08/01/21 Scottish Patriot goes Braveheart! Freedom!

07/30/21 CoVid vaccines - The good, the bad, the ugly

07/30/21 GOP Senators reveal contents of redacted Fauci letter - HHS hid Fauci collaboration with Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Lab!

07/30/21 Gov. DeSantis of FL - NO to lockdowns, NO to school closures, NO restrictions, NO to mandates in Florida!

07/30/21 CDC fails to do their job! Stopped tracking breakthrough CoVid cases among vaccinated - Bloomberg does their own research - finds 112,000 cases!

07/29/21 Outrageous! Pelosi orders Capitol police to arrest staff and visitors who do not comply with her mask mandate!

07/28/21 Bad news for the vaccinated! They can carry high viral loads if infected, facilitating spread!

07/24/21 World’s most famous medical journal, the Lancet, accused of hiding knowledge of human-to-human transmission at the request of the CCP

07/22/21 Sen. Rand Paul scorches Fauci in hearing - follows up with criminal referral of Fauci lying to Senate!

07/20/21 The goal of the authoritarians - making the vaccines mandatory!

07/19/22 Moderna had specific CoVid-19 mRNA shot ready in 2019 - before pandemic was announced!

07/16/21 mRNA vaccine creator shares news that Covid is surging in the most vaccinated countries

07/12/21 Shocking claims that CoVid-19 was planned! For financial gain? To control us?

07/10/21 Western Journal - Was Fauci working with Facebook to hide Covid truth?

06/27/21 CDC whistleblowers - 50,000 may have died from CoVid-19 vaccines!

06/05/21 NY Post - Trump suspected Fauci had funded the Wuhan lab

06/02/21 Washington Times - Hydroxychloroquine - A Cure or a Con

05/29/21 American Thinker - Was the benefit of Ivermectin also covered up?

05/23/21 Forbes - Wuhan Researchers with possible Covid symptoms before Outbreak


6) Getting to the bottom of the so called January 6th "insurrection"?

   Democrats and others on the left have used the events surrounding the January 6th riots at the U.S. Capital as a weapon to paint conservatives, patriots, and Trump supports as "insurrectionists".  It has been over a year since that time and a lot of unanswered questions remain.  Some new and particularly disturbing facts are coming to light that suggest those in charge on Capital Hill (Schumer, Pelosi) and the national security state (FBI, DOJ) knew a lot more of what was being planned for that day.  Did they allow (or even facilitate) events of that day to negatively paint the entire freedom and liberty movement as "dangerous radicals"?   What are Pelosi, Schumer, FBI, and DOJ hiding?

04/08/22 No guilty verdicts in Michigan Governor Whitmer kidnapping trial - FBI attempted setup failed!

03/26/22 Dems on the Jan 6th Committee says they are “above the law” - want RNC supporter lists and internal communications!

03/21/22 Man told by Capitol police officer that he could enter Capitol on Jan 6th - now faces 20 years!

02/02/22 Now acknowledged - Dems blocking release of Jan 6th Capitol videos - as it exposes their lies!

01/21/22 George Soros attorney prosecutes Jan 6th defendant in Democrat’s DC Gulag!

01/15/22 President Trump is demanding answers about Ray Epps on Jan 6th

01/12/22 Cop who killed Ashli Babbitt was never Investigated, now back in charge of House security!

01/12/22 FBI refuses to tell Ted Cruz if they were involved in a Jan 6th operation to smear American patriots!

01/11/22 Officer Michael Byrd was never interviewed by DC police before being exonerated for his cold blood killing of Ashli Babbit!

01/11/22 US Marshals finally acknowledging abuses at DC jails holding Jan 6 political prisoners!

01/07/22 How Jan 6th would have been covered if we had a “neutral” press!

01/05/22 Further evidence Dems are hiding key facts about Jan 6th events!

01/04/22 Pelosi continues to hide Jan 6th records that may implicate her and Dems in preplanned false flag operation!

01/04/22 Feds finally admit to the presence of DOJ commandos at Jan 6th protests - with shoot to kill orders!

12/27/21 Why isn’t Michael Byrd on trial for killing Ashli Babbit?

12/26/21 Marine accused of being an FBI plant for the Jan 6 th riots - confronted

12/26/21 Defense asks Judge to toss Michigan Whitmer kidnap case - evidence shows Feds planned event!

12/18/21 More news on Ray Epps and the Government operators that hatched January 6th

12/13/21 Gohmert - Pelosi is hiding evidence on Jan 6th prisoners

12/11/21 DC Jail Deputy Warden exposed for her hatred of Trump supporters - tied to DC Jail human rights abuses of Jan 6th inmates!

12/07/21 Lt. Michael Byrd raises $122,000 on GoFundMe after killing unarmed civilian and veteran Ashli Babbitt on Jan 6th at the Capitol!

12/07/21 Jan 6th defense attorney claims Federal agents/provocateurs were involved in “entrapment” in Jan 6th Capitol riots!

11/21/21 Bannon defense team pushes back on DC show trial prosecutors!

11/12/21 Jan 6th political prisoners removed from their cells on stretchers after horrific chemical attack by DC prison guards!

10/21/21 FBI agents agitating the events of Jan 6th - deep state clearly involved!

10/01/21 Criminal and corrupt - FBI arrests Green Beret who did not enter Capitol - he refused to work as an informant!

09/27/71 The real truth about Jan 6th - in a nutshell!

09/23/21 Biden and DOJ facilitating torture of political prisoners in DC Gitmo jail!

09/17/21 Gateway Pundit announces an informational website covering Biden/Pelosi’s Jan 6th political prisoners - American Gulag!

08/26/21 Ashli Babbitt shooter (Capitol police officer) claims he saved “countless lives” killing an unarmed woman!

08/21/21 US Capitol Police make ludicrous claims that Jan 6 footage are not “public records”! They don’t want to release them. They want to cover up the true story of Jan 6th

08/21/21 Outrageous! DOJ demands that judge send Jan 6th protester back to jail for watching Lindell cyber symposium!

08/20/21 No justice! Killer of Ashlii  Babbitt (Lt. Michael Byrd) was exonerated by a corrupt Capitol Police review!

08/20/21 FBI finds scant evidence US Capitol attack was coordinated!

08/20/21 FBI finally admits Jan 6th “insurrection “

was a Dem lie!

08/14/21 Whitmer kidnapping plot - FBI told informant to lie, delete texts!

08/14/21 FBI refuses to release texts and emails of FBI informants in Gov. Whitmer plot - will it make connections to Jan 6th event?

08/13/21 Judges begin to push back on the abhorrent treatment being given to the Jan 6th participants

08/11/21 Latest developments in the prosecution of Jan 6th defendants

08/11/21 President Trump’s statement on Ashli Babbit

08/06/21 Family of Ashli Babbit to sue Capitol Police for failure to warn before shooting their daughter dead

08/06/21 Dinesh D’Souza interview with family of Jan 6th political prisoner

08/03/21 Coverup by DC medical examiners? Cremated Ashlii Babbitt’s remains just two days after her murder! To hide evidence?

08/02/21 Poll - Majority of Americans (58%) believe the Jan 6th Commission is biased

08/02/21 New videos emerge appearing to show Capitol police inciting violence on Jan 6th

07/31/21 Biden Regime Tyranny! The stories of Jan 6th political prisoners!

07/30/21 New video reveals - Jan 6th protesters became unruly only after Capitol police fired sound grenades, tear gassed crowd!

07/30/21 Ron Paul: Make no mistake. Jan 6th show trials threaten all of us

07/30/21 Travesty of Justice! Biden’s regime won’t have Jan 6th evidence ready for trial until 2022!

07/30/21 Rep. Matt Gates implies Federal Government behind planning of Jan 6th

07/29/21 Growing calls from US GOP house members to remove Cheney and Kinzinger from Republicans caucus

07/29/21 Stand-off at DC detention facility holding Biden/Pelosi political prisoners

07/28/21 The Jan 6th Committee - A national embarrassment

07/28/21 National Police Association condemns Pelosi’s Jan 6th commission, claims Floyd riots created a thousand times more damage!

07/28/21 Pelosi’s Stalinist show trials regarding Jan 6th have begun!

07/28/21 Mainstream media (New York Times) considers Trump supporters “enemies of the state”!

07/26/21 GOP representatives holding media advisory tomorrow demanding answers on Jan 6th Biden political prisoners held in DC jail!

07/25/21 Rep. Banks blames Pelosi for the breakdown in security on Jan 6th, as Speaker she ultimately makes Capitol security decisions

07/24/21 Mother of Ashlii Babbit receives standing ovation at Trump rally in Phoenix

07/24/21 Ashlii Babbit’s mother interviewed “My daughter died for this cause. I want our country back

07/23/21 US Capitol jail guards committing acts of Torture on Biden’s and Pelosi’s political prisoners

07/23/21 US GOP Rep. Jim Jordan demands investigation into Pelosi and her role in Jan 6th events

07/22/21 The coming “Jan 6th” train wreck - the result of taking political prisoners

07/21/21 GOP congresswoman Stefanik calls for “radical authoritarian” Pelosi to be fired

07/21/21 CO Rep. Boebert demands DOJ explain why Capitol Hill rioters are being treated differently from BLM rioters

07/21/21 Minority leader McCarthy - We will run our own Jan 6th investigation - Dem investigation is a sham!

07/21/21 Pelosi has harmed the House as an “institution” by not seating Reps Jordan and Banks!

07/20/21 Jim Jordan will be on Jan 6th congressional panel

07/18/21 Listen to Biden And Dem’s “political prisoners” sing the National Anthem in their DC jail!

07/17/21 The Capitol coverup!

07/13/21 Jan 6th inmates in DC jails endure daily abuse

07/13/21 Exposing the person who killed Ashli Babbit

07/10/21 Further evidence of Fed involvement in Jan 6th events?

07/09/21 CNN and C-SPAN scrub public testimony recording to hide the identity of Ashli Babbit’s shooter

07/08/21 DC mayor and Pelosi turned down security for Jan 6th - FBI failed to tell President Trump

07/08/21 Is this who murdered Ashli Babbit? (** Alert **)

07/05/21 Political Persecution from Jan 6th - Detainees Abused by our Government!

06/30/21 Revolver News - Was Oathkeepers Stewart Rhodes working with the FBI on Jan 6th?

06/14/21 Revolver News - Disturbing Connections Emerge surrounding Jan 6th

06/11/21 Gateway Pundit - DOJ and Corrupt Politicians Hiding Jan 6th Video

06/10/21 AM Greatness - Trump Political Prisoners - Still in Washington DC Jails

06/07/21 The National Pulse - Justice for Ashli Babbitt (Analysis