A Speech that will Stain the Image of America Forever!

In a speech unprecedented in American history, Joe Biden labeled over half of the American people as "enemies of democracy".   Using a blood-red, militaristic backdrop reminesent of Hitler's Nuremberg speech of the 1930s (with Marines standing behind him) this presidential imposter (who stole the 2020 election) declared MAGA, the patriot loving Americans supporting President Donald Trump, as "not respecting the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people."

Americans of all ideological beliefs expressed outrage that Biden would use such a platform to denigrate and dehumanize over half of the American people.   This presidential imposter (Biden) and his illegitimate regime fully expects Americans to be "intimidated" by this show of defilement of Independence Hall and his words of hatred and exclusion.  We will not be intimidated!   Below are some of the responses of Americans who will be not be cowered by this display of tyranny.  The question remains "where are the words of public condemnation of our own elected representatives?

Selected reactions to Biden “War on Americans” speech

Fox News Tucker Carlson - “Biden’s dark and decisive speech”

Trump Speech Writer, Darren Beattie - Speech was to villainize half of America

Senator John Kennedy, LA reacts to Biden’s speech

Reaction by Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point USA

Perspective from Craig Shirley, a Presidential Historian

See America’s response to Biden’s tyrannical outburst, via President Trump’s welcome he received from PA citizens


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