Border Invasion - Calamitous, but also treasonous?


Events at the US Southern Border present an existential threat to the United States.  People from over 130 countries have recently crossed the border.  The Biden Administration is actively encouraging this assault on America by providing logistics, free entry, financial support, with travel anywhere into the United States.  Every state is now a border state - every town in the US is now a border town.  Estimates are that 4 to 6 million illegal immigrants have crossed into the US under Biden.  The border patrol is no longer preventing entry into the country but are being directed to support, process and enable the invasion.   

President Trump plans to completely reverse the open border polices of this illegitimate Biden Administration, and to implement the largest expulsion in US history.  The question is - can America survive millions more of unlawful invaders crossing our border until Biden can be removed?

Learn about the horrific events happening on our southern border right now:

2023-12-29 Biden threatens to sue Texas for criminalizing Illegal Aliens!

2023-12-25 Mass Migration blueprints reveal NGOs carefully planned invasion of the US southern border!

2023-12-24 Massive migrant caravan of 5,000 from Central and South America heading to the border

2023-12-24 ICE arrests 26 illegal alien sex offenders including pedophiles in California

2023-12-23 17 illegal aliens in the FBI Terrorist Watch List were encountered on the by the Border Patrol in November

2023-12-12 CDC admits deadly Rocky Moutain Spotted Fever likely came from Mexico

2023-12-12 The scene at the border these past few days! Unbelievable!

2023-12-07 Never ending line of military-age men illegally cross the border near Lukeville, AZ - at the invitation of the Biden regime!

2023-12-06 DHS Secretary Mayorkas abuses his authorities again - this time for Equadorians

2023-12-06 Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb - Every illegal alien that crosses the border gets a $5,000 gift card and a free plane ticket!

2023-12-05 Stunning images from Arizona border - it is being overrun by male migrants!

2023-12-04 10,000 illegal aliens invade across the border in 24 hours

2023-12-04 Large groups of migrant Chinese Men caught at border - PLA?

2023-12-01 The Border Crisis, coming to a neighborhood near you

2023-12-01 4 million migrant caravan heading to US over next few months!

2023-11-21 Biden Border Crimes lead to massive sexual violence for women and children making the trek!

2023-11-20 Illegitimate Biden regime hides the truth about the invasion on the southern border!