Covid Vaccine Dangers

Confirmation continues to mount on the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine (though evidence was always there for those willing to look).  The pharmaceutical/governmental/health policy complex continues to push these harmful vaccines despite being exposed (through FOIAs) for the criminals they are.  The health damage done to Americans is vast and tragic and calls for criminal accountability of all those involved.  When Republicans take over Congress early next year, public hearings are needed to expose this medical/criminal conspiracy perpetrated on America.

Here is a starting point to get information on the dangers of the Covid vaccine, as well as the criminals who knew of the danger, but pushed the vaccine anyway!

10/03/22 Florida Surgeon General issues Covid-19 vaccine warning!

10/02/22 FDA expected to publish study on potential adverse effects on elderly from Covid-19 vaccinet

09/30/22 Healthy young student is dead one day after receiving Covid shot

09/12/22 Scientists at John Hopkins University conclude that the Covid vaccine is 98 times worse than the virus!

08/06/22 A review of Naomi Wolf’s important book on the devastation caused by the Covid vaccine - “The Bodies of Others”

03/10/22 Millennials experiencing excess mortality from the Covid-19 vaccines - 84% increase!

01/01/22 A review of the book “The Real Anthony Fauci” that unravels Fauci’s lies and deceptions