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Cyber Symposium Updates

Thursday, Aug 12th 5:00pm

A couple more presentations, and now representatives/senators from each state are getting a chance to introduce themselves.  A special thanks to State Representative Sandy Salmon from IA District 62 for representing our state and for displaying a willingness and level of courage to get to the bottom of this stolen election.

Thursday, Aug 12th 3:00pm

David Clements provided a compelling presentation comparing a case he worked on as a prosecutor (a murder by a drug family and drug cartel with the “murder” of our election on Nov 3rd, 2020.)  A very detailed analogy was drawn between these two different crime events. His ending message:

Freedom loving Americans need to prosecute this monstrous election fraud “murder” until the evidence is presented to every citizen, to the States, and to the Supreme Court.  When the clear and compelling evidence has been displayed for all to see, the United States can make the decision to restore the rightful President, rather than having an illegitimate one that was selected by Chinese and American elites.

Thursday, Aug 12th 12:10pm

An interesting presentation by three cyber experts who ran Mike Lindell’s mock elections.  Their goal was to show partipants how easy it was to hack the results and cover up the fraud.  They stressed that these computer systems are too complex to ever hope for them to be secure, and that we need to return to paper ballots.  One of the speakers had a great takeaway:

”We need to tell our officials what we want and expect of them, share our knowledge and information with our fellow systems, and demand that are sacred right to a free, fair, and transparent elections be honored!

Thursday, Aug 12th 11:20am

Alan Dershowitz, lawyer for Mike Lindell, discussed Mike’s lawsuits against Dominion.  He said that while he is a Democrat himself, the idea of First Amendment freedoms should be something all Americans and political parties should support and demand!  He reiterated the importance of these cases to our American way of life and that he will do everything legally possible to win these cases for Mike Lindell, and for the American people!

Thursday, Aug 12th 11:00am

This has been a great discussion about the Maricopa County audit process.  Three great leaders who will not back down from seeking the truth. Their observations are that the audit process was fully thorough, secure, and transparent.  They stated that the AZ forensic audit process is a model that other states can run with.  Key recommendations in the wrap up from these great Americans:

“We are Americans, surrender is not in our creed!”

“We don’t back down, we double down!”

To the elites, leftists, Dems, and globalists who keep telling us to stop our search for truth, the AZ reps say “Tell them to go pound sand!”

Thursday, Aug 12th 10:15am

A panel with three leading State Legislators from Arizona.  Rep. Finchem, Sen. Rogers, and Sen. Borrelli.   Should be a very informative discussion.


Thursday, Aug 12th 9:30am

A somber opening for the last day of the Cyber Symposium.  Mike Lindell mentioned that one of the speakers yesterday from Colorado had his house raided in the middle of the night (four children of his had to experience that).  Also reports of intrusion by Antifa and leftist groups (with collusion from some members of the press).  Finally, Mike experienced some degree of physical assault or intimidation last night after the session was over.  It is clear that there are forces of evil that are in play here to hide the truth about the stolen election and we as Americans need to fight back with every fiber of our being! Trust in God, and do your part to get the truth out!

Thursday, Aug 12th 7:30pm

Dr. Shiva’s presentation yesterday provided detailed information about how our First Amendment right’s are being stolen by the elites in this country!  All who care about freedom need to watch this video and widely share it!

Dr. Shiva presentation on First Amendment


Wednesday, Aug 11th 5:00pm

Dr. Shiva provided an outstanding presentation covering voter integrity, but specifically focused on First Amendment rights and censorship.  As a result of recent court cases, he uncovered a massive censorship tracking system in the United States in which government agencies, elitist groups, and high tech companies have colluded on to take away your free speech.  This is not a conspiracy theory, but a system documented from Dr. Shiva's recent course case, and explains why censorship has grown exponetially in the past couple years.  Finally, Dr. Shiva offer soluitons to undo this fasicist, corrupt system.  Formost, it requires local activism, unrelenting action, and always pushing forward.

Wednesday, Aug 11th 4:00pm

Wrapping up a round table discussion about the fraud found by cyber experts over the last few hours.  Everone is concerned about the destruction of logs and vote result databases by Dominion representatives.  Adding to this, these deletions are likely happening all over the country, are being done by the election equipment vendors, with the encouragement of corrupt, Soros-bought election officials, in an attempt to cover up the Big Steal of our sacred right to vote.  

Mike Lindelll is now back and is introducing Dr. Shiva (four degrees from MIT), who has been working hard to uncover fraud in our elections, in addition to protecting our 1st Amendment.


Wednesday, Aug 11th 1:30pm

Wisconsin representative just came to the podum and said he was told that Dominion asked the state on June 21st to come in to Wisconsin and "update" all election equipment in Wisconsin!  Dominion may be in the process of "scrubbiing" machines in several state across the country!


Wednesday, Aug 11th 1:20pm

The cyber guys have also determined that the SQL Server databases with previous Mesa County elections existed on the election server prior to the arrival of the Dominion representative.   These voting election databases have now all been deleted after the Dominion update!  Someone covering their tracks?   Also, this cleansing was likely being done in every county in Colorardo!   All this work by Dominion was done in coordination with the Secretary of State Jenna Griswald!


Wednesday, Aug 11th 12:50am

The cyber guys are finding evidence of remote access to the Mesa County election computer before and after the election.  Also, since Lindell has the image of the same computer (before and after a Dominion representative came in to update the voting machine)...they can look for differences.  One major difference (and a shocker).. the.three years of log files that were on the machine before the Dominion person accessed it (on May 25th), are now removed from the machine after the Dominion representative accessed it.  Typically, you don't go out of your way to remove logs unless you have something to hide (such as remote acess to the machine during the election).  You are required to hold all election records (including computer records) for 22 months after a federal election. 


Wednesday, Aug 11th 12:10am

They are discussing what they are finding on a Mesa County, CO election computer  The access to this computer is likely a result of passwords that were obtained in the past few days.  Up to now, Dominion has prevented administrative access to their systems.  On this Mesa County computer, they are finding executables dating back to 1997, which are likely to be vulnerable to a wide range of exploits.  This is not the actual computer itself, but an image of what was on the drive.  Interesting stuff.


Wednesday, Aug 11th 11:50am

The last couple hours have gotten more into the technical aspects of voting machines.  There was a schedule session to look at a Mesa County, Colorado computer image - and initial reviews suggest that the voting machine was vulnerable to a wide range of exploits.   The presentation was interrupted several times, apparently by outside parties trying to prevent the discussion of Mesa County voting machine images.


Wednesday, Aug 11th 9:10am

Mike Lindell starts off the second day stating that the focus will be on understanding network packet captures that he received several months back and that have led to state vote tallies different from the certified numbers from the states.  48 states are now represented at the symposium.


Tuesday, Aug 10th 11:40pm

Just noted my math was wrong for Iowa (below).  Fixed it!  So per Mike Lindell’s numbers, Biden had 140,000 votes flipped in his favor in Iowa.    We need to see the details, and if Lindell’s data holds up, all Republicans need to DEMAND that the Secretary of State immediately initiate forensic audits in all impacted areas!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 9:40pm

This video was played multiple times throughout the day.  It provides important background information.

Your wake up call!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 8:24pm

It sounds like Tina Peters, Clerk of Mesa County had provided information useful for getting to the bottom of Dominion machines, and that we will see some of that play out on the last day of the Cyber Symposium (Thursday).  Tina confirmed that she has information that proves that the voting machines can be connected to the internet.


Tuesday, Aug 10th 7:26pm

A whistleblower is now on stage. It sounds like we have a whistleblower who is now under attack by a dangerous, lawless Secretary of State of Colorado  (Jenna Griswald).  This is what happens when you stand up and speak truth against evil.  The clerk of Mesa County, a true patriot, Tina Peters, is talking now.


Tuesday, Aug 10th 6:50pm

You have been waiting for it!   Here are the numbers for Iowa!

Iowa (K means thousand - 1K = 1,000)

"Certified” results from Nov 3                   Lindell claims the actual count is

Biden  759k                                           Biden 689K

Trump  897k                                          Trump 967K   

       Trump wins by 138K                              Trump actually won by 278K!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 5:52pm

Washington (K means thousand - 1K = 1,000)

"Certified” results from Nov 3                   Lindell claims the actual count is

Biden  2,369k                                           Biden 2,203K

Trump  1,584k                                          Trump 1,750K   

       Biden wins by 785K                              Biden only won by 453K!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 5:40pm

Arizona (K means thousand - 1K = 1,000)

"Certified" results from Nov 3                   Lindell claims the actual count is

Biden  1,672k                                           Biden 1,531K

Trump  1,661k                                          Trump 1,801K   

       Biden wins by 11K                              Trump actually won by 270K!

Mike Lindell claims a major announcement at 7:00pm!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 4:10pm

Pennslyvania (K means thousand - 1K = 1,000)

"Certified" results from Nov 3                   Lindell claims the actual count is

Biden  3,458k                                           Biden 3,170K

Trump  3,377k                                          Trump 3,665K   

       Biden wins by 81K                              Trump actually won by 495K!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 3:40pm

Even in states that Trump won during the election, Lindell claims that Trump votes were stolen.  He won by far larger margins!


Texas (K means thousand - 1K = 1,000)

"Certified" results from Nov 3                   Lindell claims the actual count is

Biden  5,259k                                           Biden 4,790K

Trump  5,876k                                          Trump 6,359K   

       Trump wins by 617K                              Trump actually won by 1,569K!


South Dakota (K means thousand - 1K = 1,000)

"Certified" results from Nov 3                   Lindell claims the actual count is

Biden  150k                                           Biden 133K

Trump  261k                                          Trump 278K   

       Trump wins by 111K                              Trump actually won by 145K!




Tuesday, Aug 10th 3:30pm

Wisconsin (K means thousand - 1K = 1,000)

"Certified” results from Nov 3                   Lindell claims the actual count is

Biden  1,630k                                           Biden 1,494K

Trump  1,610k                                          Trump 1,746K   

        Biden wins by 20K                              Trump actually won by 252K!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 3:18pm

Michigan  (K means thousand - 1K = 1,000)

"Certified" results from Nov 3                   Lindell claims the actual count is

Biden  2,804k                                           Biden 2,574K

Trump  2,649k                                          Trump 2,879K   

        Biden wins by 155K                              Trump actually won by 305K!


Lindell claims Trump also won Minnesota!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 2:30pm

Mike Lindell is beginning to walk through the states and what they found in the packet captures.   His first shocking comment about state election results.


New Hampshire  (K means thousand - 1K = 1,000)

"Certified" results from Nov 3                   Lindell claims the actual count is

Biden 424K                                           Biden 391K

Trump 365K                                          Trump 398K   

        Biden wins by 59K                              Trump actually won by 7K!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 1:30pm

Mike Lindell made two announcements on stage in the last half hour.  The first was news that Communist China performed a massive cyber attack on the State of Israel this morning.  Secondly, he has made plans for a very important presentation at 7:00pm this evening.


Tuesday, Aug 10th 12:31pm

Pretty shocking things being brought up in Dr. Frank's presentation.  He states that there were at least 3,009 counties hacked!  Also, through pre-planning for the "possibility" of election fraud, there were counties cooperating with "good guy" organizations to do a complete real-time surveillance of the actual election, including full data capture of voting machines, routers, etc.  Dr. Frank says the perpetrators decided elections at the state level, and then controlled actual votes at the county level.   The steal needed to create a lot of "phantom" voters requiring inflation of the voting rolls based upon the 2010 census.


Tuesday, Aug 10th 11:45am

The round table is wrapping up.  Next up (after lunch) is Dr. Frank who has done extensive analysis of election results, and 2010 census detail, and has formulated an algorithm that shows how the election was stolen through the internet and voting machines.  In many states like Florida and Ohio (which President Trump won)...he actually won by greater margins than the official results. And, in the swing states the election was actually stolen from President Trump and given to Biden.


Tuesday, Aug 10th 11:00am

The round table continues with news that Dominion is suing One American News and Newsmax networks (again) first thing this morning.   Additionally, the legal community (lawyers, law firms, courts, and the DOJ) have let down America as they refuse to look at the actual facts and testimony surrounding widespread election fraud across the country.   Reinforcing the message "we cannot live in fear...we must stand up for our Republic!"


Tuesday, Aug 10th 10:35am

Currently the Cyber Symposium is in a round table discussion about the challenges America faces (both externally and internally).


Tuesday, Aug 10th 10:20am

It looks like they have things back up and running.  Showing a video about the enemies of the United States, including George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party!


Tuesday, Aug 10th 9:45am

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium has started....and already they are being attacked by third parties!

The organizers are working hard at implementing backup strategies to get the symposium back up and working.

Per Mike, three separate systems were attacked...including the live streams.

Go to Real America News or for the live streams there!

They hope to get things back online soon!  Will keep you posted!