Deep State Censorship Exposed

Further evidence has come to light showing massive collaboration between government agencies, corporations, and the Uniparty to rob Americans of their freedom of speech and to drive corrupt and false government narratives.  Whatever you think of Elon Musk, his purchase of Twitter (now X) has done much to reinvigorate the free exchange of truth and free expression.  The Administrative State has recently been involved in a number of illegal censorship efforts to remove "America First" ideas and expression. 

We all should remember how the FBI and leftist social media and legacy news hid revelations from the Hunter Biden laptop prior to the last presidential election.  Polls have noted that a significant number of Biden voters (the legal ones, at least) would have re-considered their votes had they known the truth.  Our Constitutional Republic depends on the God-given rights to express our thoughts publicly to create needed change in administrations and policy.  Without freedom of speech, we will fall into tyranny (we are close to that now!) 

The ultimate form of censorship is when those on the other side encourage the assassination of President Trump, making references to “dictator” and Hitler, projecting unto him the very crimes they have done during the Biden administration!

Review recent news that reflects the dangers we face:

2023-12-11 Elon Musk prepared to go to prison if Fed Agencies attempt more illegal censorship for 2024 election!

2023-12-06 Trump Team strikes back at “Dictator/Assassination” hit-piece in the Washington Post!

2023-12-06 If the Deep State/Uniparty can’t censor Trump or stop him in court - is assassination next?

2023-12-04 Matt Taibbi - Most alarming thing found in the Twitter files

2023-12-04 FBI Whistleblower says Federal Government sees Americans as the “enemy”

2023-12-01 FBI and DHS heads lied to Congress about extent of censorship against American citizens under Biden Administration!

2023-11-30 Before Congress, reporter Michael Shellenberger reveals the full scope of Censorship by US Agencies

2023-11-28 US and UK Military contractors created sweeping plan for global censorship - starting in 2018

2023-11-07 Feds, Walmart, Amazon censor Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary on the coming “Police State”