From the Desk of the Chairman:


Interesting things that have come across my desk:


Feb 1st, 2024      El Salvordan’s President Cooley brushes aside Omar’s election meddling 

Jan 31st, 2024     James O’Keefe’s ominous letter a day before his bombshell story

Jan 19th, 2024     WEF Chairman Schwab asks “Why do we need elections?”

Nov 12th, 2023     Eye-Opening Video Banned on Social Media

Oct 18th, 2023      Horrific! They are burning babies for energy!

Aug 23rd, 2023     A great website for Conservative Catholics

Sep 07th, 2023      Iowa GOP Making their Move Against MAGA!

July 22nd, 2023     Trump hosts Star of "Sound of Freedom"

Jul 20th, 2023      Family Leadership Summit with Tucker Carlson

Jun 20th, 2023      These students save babies! Learn more!

Mar 24th, 2023     Never forget the J6ers held without trial in DC Jail!

Dec 27th, 2022     Michigan at war with Catholic Schools!



Steve Everly,

Chairman, Marion County Republican Party