J6 Narrative Collapses


The recent release of more videos from the US Capitol pertaining to January 6th prove that the J6 Committee was a setup and a lie!  Videos revealed US Capitol Police firing rubber bullets and smoke grenades into the crowd to instigate a response.  US House Representatives have also found evidence that "hundreds" of Federal and US/Capitol law enforcement were embedded in the crowd at the Capitol to churn and create an angry crowd response.  Most damning, it is now learned that the corrupt J6 Committee members destroyed their committee evidence (including depositions and emails of their deliberations) to hide their corrupt (and likely illegal) investigation. 

Rather than a failed insurrection, we are looking at a well-planned Federal entrapment scheme, timed to prevent Congress from getting to the bottom of massive election irregularities in several swing states.  Bottom line, this smacks of treasonous behavior by the Uniparty and the deep state to prevent one man (President Trump) from initiating a needed cleansing of an evil administrative state.  the articles below will bring you up to date on recent revelations:


2023-12-28 You wonder why the American people so despise the FBI, DOJ, and Legacy Media?

2023-12-27 Outrageous! Prosecutor Jack Smith wants to deny Trump from presenting new info - regarding January 6th!

2023-12-23 Why is the Washington DC Capitol Police opening satellite offices around the country?

2023-12-16 US Rep. Clay Higgins - presents explosive charges that FBI planned/executed Jan 6th treason!

2023-12-14 Capitol Police Commander in charge of Senate and House evacuations says J6 was not an insurrection!

2023-12-07 Jan 6th, 2021 was a smokescreen for the real insurrection that happened on Nov 4th, 2020!

2023-12-06 Fani Willis of GA caught colluding with J6 Committee

2023-12-04 Elon Musk condemns arrest of J6 protestor on misdemeanor charges

2023-12-04 Former Capitol Police Office exposes J6 narrative lies with explosive audio!

2023-11-30 J6 Commission witness video tapes now missing - Coverup!

2023-11-30 US Rep. Clay Higgins (former sheriff) drops bombshell - at least 200 undercover FBI agents were agitating in J6 crowd!

2023-11-28 DC refuses to allow Trump attorneys access to J6 materials hidden by J6 Committee

2023-11-26 Shocking findings from newly released J6 videos