The January 6th SHAM Soviet-Style Show Trial


The illegal Jan 6th Committee proves again that dangerous, leftist, anti-American elements are governing our country!.  They are not merely after President Trump - they are after you!  He is just inconveniently in the way.


Some questions this illegal show trial WILL NOT attempt to answer…

1) Why did DC police and Nancy Pelosi’s office ignore President’s Trump’s repeated request for more security at the Capitol for Inauguration Day?

2) What involvement did the FBI have in this event - was it staged to pattern the Michigan Governor kidnapping hoax in which 12 of the 18 participants were ultimately proven to be FBI agents or FBI informants?

3) Where is all of the 14,000 hours of video from the Capitol that day?  Why is that still being hidden from the public?

4) What role did leftist groups (Antifa) play in the initial chaos and break-in?

5) Who opened the heavy Capitol rotunda doors (that required a key code) to let people in, and why?

6) What really happened to Ashlii Babbitt?  Who was involved in her likely murder and why is it being covered up?

7) Why was Minority leader McCarthy not allowed to pick his choices for the Committee - and instead we get “Trump haters” like Representative Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger?

8) Why does the Committee refuse to allow the clear, extensive evidence of massive election fraud to be presented?

9) Why are people who merely trespassed at the Capitol still rotting in jail in Washington DC nearly 18 months later?


There is only one reason for all of this - this is an attempt to prevent President Trump from running again - by a group who want nothing less than the destruction of our country as a Constitutional Republic!  American patriots need to stand up to this tyranny and demand the truth!

President Trump covers this J6 fraud and the latest details of our stolen election in this response to the January 6th proceedings…

President Trump’s Response to the January 6th Committee


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