Biden DOJ/FBI Raid the Home of President Donald Trump!


In an outrageous action reminiscent of a third world dictatorship, the Biden regime raided the iconic home of President Donald J. Trump this past August 8th.

Several dozen FBI agents descended on this idylic resort (and personal home of President Trump), swooping up everything in sight, including documents, personal effects, passports, client/lawyer privileged information, etc., in another apparent witch hunt similar to the the Russia collusion hoax, Impeachments 1 and 2, and multiple other law fare actions that leftist Democrats, the administrative state, and national intelligence elites have initiated since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President back in June of 2015.

What has been learned over the past several weeks is that the events of this infamous day reek of political motivation, government lying and corruption, with the goal to find something (anything) that can be used to indict President Trump - to prevent him from running in 2024.  In addition, Biden, Obama, Clinton (along with the DOJ and FBI) are most likely terrified that President Trump has declassified documents pertaining to their prior criminal actions (i.e. Crossfire Hurricane) and hoped to do a pre-emptive strike to grab those documents before the public could ever see them.

We will continue to bring information to this story as it evolves (below).  However several disturbing things have already come to light that clearly demonstrate the dangerous implications of having a corrupt, illegitimate administration in charge of our country's affairs.  

For example,

1) How the Department of Justice shopped for a corrupt Magistrate Judge who had previously acknowledged his bias against President Trump

2) How the FBI (during the raid) treated Trump personal lawyers with contempt, and then rummaged through personal belongings of the First Lady and President Trump's son

3) How the DOJ lied about having no involvement only to have to "fess up" that they were involved from the start.

4) How the White House lied about having any foreknowledge of the raid, only to be proven to be a lead instigator (as Biden had to waive President Trump's Executive privilege for the raid to occur).

5) How DOJ attempted to mix unrelated statutes (pertaining to NARA and the National Intelligence Act) to produce a fake illusion of "criminality".   There are no criminal repercussions under the National Presidential Records Act and a President has ultimate authority to declassify documents (as chief executive), as well as determine which records are personal vs those belonging to the government as part of Presidential records.

6) How the DOJ continues to hide aspects of the warrant and affidavit submitted to the Magistrate Judge (through heavy redactions) as it would show their political motivations.

7) How the same Washington FBI field office that was previously proven to be involved in illegal efforts (to pin a fake Russian Collusion hoax on Trump) were the office that was involved in the raid!


Return here for the latest news on this fast developing story (below).  This event is unprecedented in American history!  The people that initiated this evil political attack need to be held criminally responsible for their actions!  Patriotic Americans, more than ever before, need to voice their outrage to this illegitimate administration (who stole the 2020 election) and ensure that appropriate legal repercussions follow once MAGA Republicans have control of Congress.


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