America is close to being lost forever!

Our election and freedoms were stolen!

The following videos and articles document in detail how our election was stolen.  Make sure you watch these and get the word out!  We are but one election away from losing it all!

The damning evidence below will prove beyond any doubt…

1) How Mark Zuckerberg corrupted the election process by spending $400 million on illegal get-out-the-vote campaigns.

2) How vote traffickers used drop boxes to illegally pad the vote count all across America, particularly in the swing states.  Democrat Party-related institutions were involved!

3) How the Justice System and the National Security State has come down on the side of supporting the “Big Steal” and taking away the freedoms of American patriots.

4) How the criminal Biden family is compromised beyond belief from their criminal activities with foreign enemies of America!

We are rapidly approaching the point of no return!  There is still time to Save America!  Will you sit on the sidelines or will you act?


The overwhelming evidence!



“Rigged” - The Zuckerberg funded plot to steal the 2020 election (Documentary)


Massive Election Theft

Massive Illegal Ballot Harvesting - The Movie “2000 Mules” (Coming soon)

True The Vote - how they stole the election with human mules! (Video)

How Wisconsin was stolen - Judge Gableman provides the details! (Video)

Wisconsin added several hundred thousand names to their voting rolls in months leading up to the 2020 election! (article)


FBI/DOJ Corruption and war against American Conservatives

FBI plot in the MI Gov. Whitmer kidnapping case - to paint Trump supporters as domestic terrorists! (Video)

Details of the FBI concocted Gov. Whitmer kidnapping (Article)

Warroom Interview with Julie Kelly on MI Gov. FBI kidnapping entrapment case - April 11th (video)

Followup Warroom interview with Julie Kelly on how DOJ and FBI were likely behind the Whitmer entrapment plot (video)


Biden Crime Family - Selling out America and going after Americans!

Sen. Grassley reveals financial connections between Biden family and the Communist Chines Party (Video)

Corrupt FBI plays dumb about the Hunter Biden laptop before Congress - "What laptop?"

Jack Maxey - More Hunter Biden bombshells to come - will incriminate many!

Joe Biden referred business, mingled finances with son Hunter texts show!

US firm with connection to corrupt Biden family, DOD, WEF implicated in bio-weapons coverup!